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Small Business Design & Technology Solutions!

Web Design

Whether you are starting from scratch or redesigning an existing site, we love to build custom WordPress solutions to suit any need.

Graphic Design & Branding

From business cards to interface design, stand out from the crowd and let us design the visual branding and look and feel of your next project or product.

Small Business IT & Project Management

Small Business IT consultation, design, and implementation. Custom solutions for any IT challenge to get you back to doing business.

Meet Our Team

Based out of Missouri, we formed Kohler Created in 2010 after getting married to merge our design and technology skills and create a one-stop shop for savvy bosses and small businesses.

Neil Kohler

The Pocket Knife

Network Engineer, code monkey, athlete, amateur race car driver and outdoors fan. Neil does a lot of the IT and integration work behind the scenes. The diversity of his skills coupled with his keen ability to troubleshoot just about anything makes him a unique asset not available with most design firms.

Jessica Kohler

The Creative

Instructional Designer by day. Creative problem solver and brand ninja by night.


The Intern

She is learning the ropes, but for now, she serves in the role of keeping us on our toes.
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The Secret is in the Habits

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