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Video and data logging for the budget racer

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Video and data logging are both very useful tools. Not only to help you analyze your laps to learn why you were significantly faster on any one lap versus the other, but its also just plain cool to be able to show your friends and family your hobby in a meaningful way.

The issue is that most video and data logging systems up until the recent few years have been mainly for professional or semi-professional racers. With that of course came a professional or semi-professional price tag. Most systems would start at $1000 for basic logging, and go up from there if you wanted video integration and more frills. Furthermore most of these systems required installation/wiring into the car which is another expense if you do not do it yourself, and at the very least another thing to take up your time.

So when I began attempting to gather data and video of my racing events I started very simple. An old Sony HD (tape) camera mounted to my seat head rest. This was when the car was still a street car.


This setup produced OK video, but absolutely zero data for myself and anyone watching the video was really at a loss of where I was on the track and exactly how quick I was moving. Not very fun to watch.

So I began to do some research on budget video and data logging setups. To my surprise, since smart phone technology has come a very long way in recent years so have your options when it comes to using those devices as a data logging device.

I will not go over every option you have these days as this post would be huge as well as very time intensive. I will go over what I decided to use, the cost, and the benefits and drawbacks in hopes that it will help any budget racer in their decision and education.

The Gear:

iPhone 4 -Jessica’s old iPhone 4, no carrier using wifi/usb only. – $199 years ago, can now find @$100-$150.

You obviously can use an iPhone4s or iPhone5 but I did not want to use my personal phone as a dual duty device, but it is certainly possible. I will note that recording hours of lapping will fill up your storage quite quickly.

You can also use a decently powerful Android device for the software I will be using, but this was really convenient because we had this phone laying around. The camera on it is pretty good too so it was a no brainer.


I/O Port Racing roll cage mount – This is a bit overkill, but I got it used at a good price – $75 used – $109 New

I got this mount used however it is great for those who have a roll cage and it does a pretty good job at dampening vibration and as you can see has a wide range of articulation.

Snap Camera mount for iPhone – $14.50

This little mount securely holds the iPhone in landscape or portrait orientation and then attaches to any standard tri-pod mount threading. It was secure enough for me to feel comfortable using it in my setup. **Note that it does not allow for a case to be on the phone.



Dual XGPS150 – This is a bluetooth external GPS that has a 5hz refresh rate over a typical phone’s 1hz or less! – $89 at Amazon

If you notice in some of my videos earlier this season, the GPS speed tracking is slightly erratic and more than a little inaccurate. This is because the iPhone’s internal GPS doesn’t have high enough resolutions (at 1Hz) — whereas this devices runs at 5Hz. So instead of relying on the iPhone, who isn’t asking “where am I?” enough, we now have a device that will be asking that question and collecting the data constantly. Pretty cool right?

Just take a look at the differences, the first video is just using the iPhone GPS sensor, the second is with the Dual XGPS150. Watch how my speed around the oval is very erratic in the first and no where near accurate.

Click here to see the videos side by side, the LEFT is with the Dual XGPS150 and the RIGHT with the internal iPhone GPS, big difference!



Harry’s Lap Timer Pro – $20

This is a great application that is pleasantly easy to use. Now available for both Android and iOS, this software uses your phone’s camera, GPS and internal accellerometer to plot data. While a phone’s GPS is not that great out of the box; I recommend you use the external GPS device I detailed earlier and you will have much more accurate location data.

Harry’s Lap Timer will also overlay your videos for you in just a few clicks, leaving you to work on the car rather than spend hours video editing. The software has hundreds of tracks available and even has online leader boards and lap scores that you can upload your lap times and compare yourself to other cars like yours. Really cool. There are so many things you can do with this $20 software, it is really worth the cost and is actively developed and adding features all the time.

Check out everything here!

Here are a few examples of video I made with Harry’s Lap timer with very little customization from me, this were pretty much made within 10-15 minutes time. The vibrations you see are tones of my exhaust note reacting with the floating camera sensor in the iPhone. Most people should not have this issue and if you do I have found this workaround until they fix it. However, take a look at Harry’s Lap Timer page there are many great examples of what you can do with a setup like mine.

8-21-2013 Gateway Motorsports Park PDX Lap 4 from Kohler Created on Vimeo.

8-21-2013 Gateway Motorsports Park PDX Lap 11 from Kohler Created on Vimeo.

Total Costs:

So here you go, right at around $300 spent on pretty entertaining video to show your friends and family a bit of your hobby. As I said before you can also use this to look at your laps and figure out why you were faster on one lap rather than the other. The data can also be exported to a CSV text file or others for those who really like to get into the numbers.

Total spent: ~$300

Hopefully this info was helpful for those who must pinch the pennies on accessories like this so that the pennies can be more heavily leveraged into track time, fuel, and car maintenance. The more time on the track the better right?!

This is by no means comprehensive so if anyone has some gear that they use feel free to comment and let me know what is working for you!

8-21-2013 Gateway Motorsports Park SCCA PDX

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Another track day down! And boy this was a good one!

This time the track day was a 1/2 day event that began around 3:30PM and ran until dark. I have never done one of these half day events but I have to say there are a few benefits to them over a full day.

First off you do not really need to get a hotel because you do not have to be on track until 2:30-3:00 so that is nice on the wallet. The down side? Well you are packing up around 8:00PM, tired and dirty and still have a long drive back home hauling the car; exhausting and makes for a late night.

So I do kind of like the 1/2 day events, but they do feel like more of a rush than a full weekend event.

In any case… The reason why the event was such a good one is because it was the first time that as a driver I felt like I really started to push this car’s limits and I was not the only limiting factor. I think going to Mid America Motorplex in May really helped me with my confidence. Feeling the car on a much different track and getting a lot of solo seat time let me really connect with the car and start to test and feel its limits.

The track times agreed. Overall I improved my lap times between 6 and 8 seconds on average between this event and the last event in late April! That is huge to scrub off almost 10 seconds for my fastest lap.

8-21-2013 Gateway Motorsports Park PDX Lap 4 from Kohler Created on Vimeo.

As you can see in the video I was really moving and keeping very smooth throughout the track. I was very happy with the car and it was giving me great feedback on what was going on.

I decided this time to break up the videos into laps in order to make them easier to flip through and digest for a viewer. Here are a couple more good laps:

8-21-2013 Gateway Motorsports Park PDX Lap 28 from Kohler Created on Vimeo.

8-21-2013 Gateway Motorsports Park PDX Lap 12 from Kohler Created on Vimeo.

And if you cannot get enough and want more laps I have created a group for this event and you can check them out here:

8-21-2013 Gateway Motorsports Park PDX

The day was not without some tribulation. I did experience my first time going off track. I have gotten pretty sideways and out of control before but I have always managed to stay on the track. Well this time was a bit different.

Coming into turn 5 I was really moving. Most of the day I was tracking out very wide out of turn 5 and almost clipping the track out cone. This time I hit the turn 5 apex a bit too early, coupled in with carrying a bit too much speed into the turn which caused my track out line to move wide. Coming out of turn 5 the car got a bit sideways and then grabbed after I did a bit of throttle modulation. After grabbing it pointed me even further wide and my rear tires hit the rumble strip paint and lost traction again. Instead of fighting it and perhaps spinning or shooting back across the track I decided to let it track out into the grass. A good and safe bet.

I did however kill a cone and do a pretty good amount of paint damage on the front bumper. No biggie really. Paint is easy and relatively cheap to have re-painted. No structural or parts damaged and to be honest I was not really even disappointed in myself at all. The only reason it happened is because I had been getting faster and faster and just pushed the edge a bit too far. Nothing stupid, nothing silly.

The aftermath:


And on to the video of the off track adventure:

8-21-2013 Gateway Motorsports Park PDX Lap 7 – Went off track from Kohler Created on Vimeo.

I ended up getting right back on the track and hitting some more laps that session.

At the end of the day I did learn a lot during the sessions. I learned a couple new lines on some corners and more so I gradually kept pushing my limits while keeping things smooth and I do not believe I ever once was caught “over driving” the car, a problem I sometimes run into. That all came together with much smoother and faster laps.

A great ending to the day was when my instructor and the Chief Steward both agreed that I was ready to drive solo and move up to the advanced group. I usually do not ever get prideful in myself but it did feel good to get that nod.


I have one more event this season going to Heartland Park Topeka with NASA and then the car goes back in the garage for maintenance, improvements and some hibernation. Next spring I aim to work with NASA(National Auto Sport Association) Central and go to Competition Driving School and get my comp license. A dream of mine coming in to reality.

If you got this far, thanks for reading! Let me know what you like or do not like or what you would like to see more of about my automotive hobby. Here are some more links to albums and videos of the day.

Full Flickr Album
My YouTube Channel

Race Day

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It’s race day! We are loading up the Z and heading to St. Louis to spend some time on the track with the SCCA — well Neil is, I’m just spectating. It’s supposed to be a scorcher, so I put together plenty of drinks, snacks (both healthy and not) and sun block. Fortunately, this is an afternoon event, so we’ll be missing the worst of the heat.


I’m also throwing some books and games on the Tab 2 to keep me entertained. Technology is a mixed blessing isn’t it? While it definitely makes life easier, I sometimes think it’s given me ridiculously low attention span.

Speaking of technology, Neil bought himself a new little toy:


It’s a XGPS150, a bluetooth GPS. If you notice in some of Neil’s videos earlier this season, the GPS speed tracking is slightly erratic and more than a little inaccurate. This is because the iPhone’s internal GPS doesn’t have high enough resolutions (at 1Hz) — whereas this devices runs at 5Hz. So instead of relying on the iPhone, who isn’t asking “where am I?” enough, we now have a device that will be asking that question and collecting the data constantly. Pretty cool right?

The Z Transformation pt 3 – Road racing and Track Days

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If you are new to my little series, check out Part 1 and Part 2

After a couple years of autocross I was totally consumed with racing fever. Autocross was fun, but I was wanting more. I did my research and found that the next step up from autocross would be Road Racing.

Road Racing and Track Days

Wikipedia has a good description of road racing:

Road racing is a general term for most forms of motor racing held on paved, purpose-built race tracks (i.e. “road courses”), as opposed to oval tracks and off-road racing. Temporary facilities built on paved airport runways and closed-off public roads (such as street circuits) usually are included in the definition also.

So what is the difference between autocross and road racing? Well for starters, the speed. In a typical autocross track you will rarely even reach highway speeds, however in road racing speeds well above 100mph are not uncommon. The speed increase is not only more demanding on the driver, but also mcuh more demanding on the car. Then there is the amount of time spent racing. In autocross most tracks take less than a minute to complete and you only get half a dozen runs at most. In road racing and track days you are often driving for 20-30 minutes at a time  with 5 runs in the day.

The closest road racing track to Columbia where we live was Gateway International Raceway, located across the river from St. Louis in Collinsville, IL. I was intimidated, but after doing my research, I took a deep breath and signed up for an event!

Gateway International Raceway (GIR) – Road course is in bold.

The particular program at GIR I signed up for was called the “Performance Driving Experience” (PDX). The event is classified as a performance driving education more so than a competitive event. The PDX program focuses on preparing novices as well as allowing experienced drivers to practice in a safe environment. What does that mean? Well, new drivers get a professional instructor that rides along with them. The instructor can communicate to the driver via a small headset in the helmet. Professional instruction is great, and it really allows you to learn the proper driving lines, breaking, and throttle techniques. It also means that there is no lap timing, as well as no competitive passing of other vehicles on the track (much to Jessica’s relief!). All passing is done in the designated passing zones, and only allowed when the driver in front of you gives you the “point by” to pass. Typically this is where many drivers that want to eventually participate in competitive racing start.

So wait, isn’t this really dangerous?

Some may think that road racing is quite dangerous, however I think it is quite the contrary. Imagine a controlled environment where everyone is focused and aware of  both safety and what is going on around them, versus driving on the street with teenagers texting, people driving+eating, moms disciplining kids, and people possibly driving intoxicated. I personally feel much safer on a track going 125mph down the back straight than I am on the public roads.

Needless to say after my first session at GIR I was wide-eyed, and all smiles. I thought I knew everything about my car and how to drive it, but road racing made me realize I had a ton to learn and there were a lot of new skills I would need to practice that I had never needed in autocross. The speed, the amount of time on the track and adrenaline really wear you out, and by the end of the day all I knew is that I wanted more seat time and more racing time, but wow was I was beat. The two hour drive home from St. Louis after a track day is certainly one that requires some coffee!

I could ramble on all day about what it is like experiencing the track and racing, but here are a few videos that will probably put it in a better perspective. You know what they say, a picture (movie) is worth a thousand words. Below are some videos of my driving my car around GIR.

You can also check out some of my thoughts from an event at GIR here.

05-08-2010 STL PDX 3rd Session from Kohler Created on Vimeo.

4-25-2009 STL PDX 2nd Session from Kohler Created on Vimeo.

Safety and precaution

After 3 years of doing track days on the road course I began to get faster, and faster. Of course when you begin pushing the limits of your ability and of the car, the margin for error gets smaller and smaller. I felt that I owed it to myself, Jessica, and my family to begin the process of installing the proper safety equipment in the car in the case that worse did happen.

Up next…

The Z makes its transformation from weekend racer and street car, to full out racecar!

The Z Transformation pt 2 – Autocross and Racing

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As I left off in my previous post of this series, I wanted to continue my hobby in motorsports but I was very bored of straight-line quarter-mile racing. So I began to research my options. Thankfully, Springfield, MO had its own autocross chapter, so I joined the SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) and went to watch several autocross events!

What is Autocross?

Well Wikipedia describes autocross as:

Autocross is a form of motorsports that emphasizes safe competition and active participation. An autocross is a timed competition where drivers navigate one at a time through a temporary course marked by traffic cones, rather than racing on a track with multiple other cars, as inroad racing or oval racing. Autocross tends to place more emphasis on car handling and driver skill than on sheer horsepower, and events typically have many classes which allow almost any vehicle, from economy sedans to purpose-built vehicles, to compete. Speeds are slower in absolute terms when compared to other forms of motorsports, usually not exceeding highway speeds, but the activity level (measured in discrete turns per minute) can be higher than even Formula One due to the large number of elements packed into each course. Autocross courses are typically 40 to 70 seconds in length, with speeds limited to 70mph for insurance purposes. In addition to being a national-level motorsport in its own right, autocrossing is a good way to learn skills that transfer to road racing, as drivers learn vehicle control and club ethics.”

So after seeing footage of some of these events, I began attending the local events myself. Here are a couple videos of my runs!

Autocross is a great sport that allows you to have a lot of fun in your street car at a very reasonable cost and very low risk. It’s also entirely legal too! Anyone who is wanting to learn some great driving skills, but are kind of on the fence as to how far they want to take it, should really start with autocross.

The Mod Bug

Of course once you start racing, you almost automatically get the “mod bug” and find ways to improve your car to enhance its overall capabilities and the driving experience. I immediately began saving money for parts and reading tutorials so that I could save money by doing all the work myself.

I started by first adding lowering springs, then sticky tires, then wheels, then some racing adjustable coil-over type shocks and struts, then exhaust, then more motor stuff and brakes. I wont bore you with the details, but the list goes on and on and on. It was a lot easier back then to stash money away for the car. I was single, making plenty of money and only had myself to worry about. I do not really regret any of the money spent in my car, but I do fully realize just how much money it was and that can make you cringe a little!

Here are a few pictures from some of the days and nights of part installs:

Brand new brake pads, rotors, and stainless steel brake lines


New NISMO exhaust/y-pipe


Jess modeling one of my coil-over shock/struts


Me installing the coil-overs


The “G”

One of the problems I ran into while modifying my car to become more faster, stiffer and more agile is that it became uncomfortable to really drive. The car was certainly taking on more of a “fair weather” role. Driving it in the rain or snow was now out of the question and even simple tasks like entering a moderately steep driveway or parking lot became more difficult if not completely impossible.

So I broke down and bought a daily driver (beater) of course. Meet the “G”, my 1992 Infiniti G20.


Jessica and I were dating long-distance around this time, with a three-hour, 140 mile drive between us. The G took me back and forth to see her every other weekend for two years without a hiccup. Like an old friend who never let you down, it was a true hero and will be forever remembered for its service. Just last year I finally sold the G because I felt it was time to get something that was a little nicer.

Up next:

Moving from Autocross to performance driving education and track racing!

05-08-2010 St. Louis PDX at Gateway International Raceway

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This is my 5th track day and my 3rd year of doing these after about 4 years of autocross.

These are just a few photos of the day. I suggest you check out the rest of the photos too.

My cousin took these. He is only 14 years old and takes amazing shots, you really should check out his other photos in his albums.

Here are my photos, we really don’t spend much time on photos because I am so busy with racing that there is little time for other mental thought.

I really encourage any one who is interested in these events to watch the videos! Yeah, they may be long, but they all give a real candid insight to the track and how a typical session goes. I warm up, I make mistakes at times, but in the end I get faster and faster. You will too if you do these events.

Write up of the day.

To sum up the day is to say that I love how my car is set up, and I love how much I am progressing with it. The day was a good day.

The morning started out COLD. Getting up at 4:00AM and to the track by 6:00AM is certainly not easy. The brisk morning wind reminded you of the first laps you would take under a lot of tension with the Hoosiers cold and traction limited. Nevertheless, after a safety tech inspection, and you more cars arrived you begin to feel the excitement grow.

The day starts and I take it slow. If you have raced on Hoosiers you know that its do or die when it comes to cold Hoosiers. After warming them up I eased back in to the familiar groove of the track and my line.

So, in all my videos the first lap will be slow and mostly a warm up lap for the tires and my mental readiness.

Second Session

Below is my second run since I did not record the first, but in this run was pretty no drama. While I was still getting in my groove as far as speed, I kept ahead of the pack with no one in sight and then caught up to a Volskwagen R32 GTI that was fairly modified and eventually passed him and a Pontiac Solstice.

05-08-2010 STL PDX 2nd Session from Neil Kohler on Vimeo.

Third Session

Below is my third run and perhaps the most exciting from a viewer’s standpoint. Behind an Austin Healey kit car, around 2:45 in the video he goes off the track. I check my mirrors and since there was no one behind me I slow to see if he comes back on the track or not. He does not and I move on.

I finally caught up to my friend James in the black Supra. Slowly gaining on him we were both pushing it pretty hard. I was loving the excuse to focus and execute on the track but unfortunately at about 10:00 and shortly after my friend James brakes too late on the end straight and has to bail out on turn 1. Turn 1 is a pretty scary turn as you are coming down it at typically over 120mph and your brakes are put to the test. Thankfully he had no damage and no problems and did what was right in that situation and took the safe route.

05-08-2010 STL PDX 3rd Session from Neil Kohler on Vimeo.

4th Session

Below was my 4th Session and it was a short one due to lunch crunch. However I did pass a chevy colbolt SS and a honda s2000 CR. I was moving pretty well through my lines and this session felt good, but short.

05-08-2010 STL PDX 4th Session from Neil Kohler on Vimeo.

5th Session

Below was the 5th session and starting out I always allow the tires to heat up. But after the second lap it was apparent that the R32 Golf was moving a lot faster than I was comfy with at that time so I pointed him by. Eventually a new Subaru STI came up on me and I decided to point him by as well and I would chase him the rest of the time. He would certainly take me through some turns that the AWD and superior power he had allowed, but I would catch him decidedly in some turns and really well in the hard braking areas. It was a LOT of fun having him challenge me.

05-08-2010 STL PDX 5th Session from Neil Kohler on Vimeo.

6th Session

Below was the 6th session of the day and I was rolling pretty quick through this since through the day I had been perfecting my line and driving. Unfortunately this run was cut way short because a Colbolt SS went off the track and into the wall and then resulted was a black flag to end the session. I am proud of this session as I feel that this session and perhaps the 5th session I was really getting into my fastest laps.

05-08-2010 STL PDX 6th Session from Neil Kohler on Vimeo.

I hope this was enjoyable to those who watched the vids and looked at the pictures and read the thoughts.


Track day!

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This weekend is finally here!  Track Day! There is something about getting up at 4:00am and being at the track when its still dark, the peacefulness before the roaring motors that will fill the rest of the day. I always get video and pictures of my events so stay tuned for that next week! If you want something to check out now, check out my vidoes of me racing on my Youtube!

Wish me luck!


Our Belated New Year’s Resolutions

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{image via Lumatic}

Is it a bad omen when we’re already two weeks behind in getting these up?

In our defense, tons of our (mainly Neil’s) projects had go-live/completion deadlines in the first two weeks and we’ve pushed ahead earlier than originally planned on one of our financial resolutions to replace a car with a new and better one while we could still get some money for the old one. All in all this has made for a very busy few weeks. My Christmas decorations are even still up. We’re off and running people, and if these first 12 days are any indication, we’re going to need to keep this house stocked with beer, chocolate, coffee and Cheez-its to offset the insanity and loss of personal time. Yes we fill that void with food. Terrible vices.

We’re not super rigid with our yearly resolutions. We don’t make long detailed lists filled with hundreds of things we unfairly hold ourselves to. We’re not looking to impress either believe me. Two years ago we started limiting our resolutions entirely to things we wanted to accomplish for ourselves recreationally and outside of work and I can honestly say it makes them more fun and rewarding to conquer. Without further rambling, a list of 10 from each of us:

Neil’s Top 10 Resolutions

  • Work harder/faster in my undergrad classes.
  • Work harder at the gym to maximize the time I do get to work out.
  • Work on spending more time doing outside activities.
  • Do more camping/hiking (Montana cont divide maybe?).
  • Do at least 3 track days and improve my driving.
  • Put more money into savings (around $500-$1k/mo).
  • Pay off the remainder of our Jetta loan (currently around the $4k mark).
  • Be a good husband.
  • Eat organic and/or cage free only (esp. any meats).
  • Take the time out to have fun, even if it accomplishes nothing.

Jessica’s Top 10 Resolutions

  • Run a 5k using the Couch to 5k method.
  • Learn to bake bread. Not crumbly useless bread, something that masterfully and almost manly holds a sammich together.
  • Camp and hike at least three times this year. I hope this includes a trip to Montana to see the Continental Divide.
  • Lower my eco-footprint through the elimination of unnecessary plastics and disposable containers.
  • Pay off my Jetta loan, which is currently around the $4k mark.
  • Eat and buy more organic and fair trade.
  • Grow more food.
  • Take GRE and finish school (God please!)
  • Be a better helper to Neil and a good wife. Start a journal that documents our marriage.
  • Take a knitting/embroidery class.

So there you have it. Not exceptionally  remarkable or life-changing from the outside, but each little step and goal we set before us is possible because of both the minor and major things we’ve accomplished thus far. I think the biggest difference between the way we work the balance of work and play in our marriage versus the way I experienced it growing up is that our balance is a balance because otherwise the greatest accomplishments at work are tainted by all the sacrifice and time for play that can’t be recovered. We’re realizing more and more as our twenties near an end how fast time really does fly by and how much there is to do and experience in such a short time. Are we the only one’s thinking this? What are some of your big goals for not only this year, but the next 5 years?

Road racing videos worth watching

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Below are some great vidoes of road racing!

Amazing battle at the GT2 2009 finals, watch until the very end!

Nissan GTR battles a 700hp mustang at Thunderhill, great driving!

Part 2

Nissan 350z lapping at Watkins Glen, I strive to be this fast.

Niagara PCA – Watkins Glen – 350z Onboard – October 2009 from M DeTurck on Vimeo.

Sorry for the camera bouncing/shake, the rubber stabilizer on my camera mount is starting to die. Car is on Koni DA’s with Pilot Sport Cups (265’s on all 4), weighs approx 3100lbs, it also had a ton of entry/mid corner push due to no front bumper cover, lower lip, or splitter. The two laps in the video were both 2:15.4~

08-29-2009 PDX Videos and Thoughts

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STL SCCA PDX at Gateway International Raceway
Driver: Neil Kohler
Car: 2003 Nissan 350z

*if videos are not up check back later, youtube has to process them, can take a couple hours*
**Also, please view them in High Quality if possible, they are much better that way**


The day went well aside from a couple small mishaps. I learned a few better lines through turn 3-4 as well as how to use my grip and exit speed using all of the track. My instructor said I just need to get more confident with the car and start using the power earlier and braking later. He said I am ready to move into the advanced group and go solo as from here out its mostly just seat time and thus will come more confidence/speed.

Here are my videos I got of the day.

Third run:

8-29-2009 PDX 3rd run pt 1
8-29-2009 PDX 3rd run pt 2

This run I was trailing a camaro for a good while getting a decent groove going, then we hit traffic.

Fourth Run

8-29-2009 PDX 4th run pt 1
8-29-2009 PDX 4th run pt 2

This run I was trailing a viper and we were gonig pretty good back and forth through the infield, of course he would eat me in the straights. In the first video around 3:19 I almost lose it because I ran too tight of a line with too much throttle. In the second video around 1:25 you can hear the welded tip of one side of my exhaust fall off. Pretty comical. I heard the sound then looked in my rear view and saw what looked like a coffee can flying 6 feet in the air. Thankfully no one was behind me.

Fifth Run

8-29-2009 PDX 5th run pt 1
8-29-2009 PDX 5th run pt 2

This run I got to go out solo and after getting by the camaro I had a pretty wide open track for the rest of the session. I am not sure if my fastest lap times were in this session, but it sure felt like it. However during my 4th session pushing the viper really made me go quick as well. I timed out a couple 1:17’s on this video which is not too bad. A lot of really good drivers are around the 1:14C area. While I do not consider myself a really great driver yet, it is encouraging to see that I am at least a couple seconds off of those that are. No drama on this run really, I was pretty happy to end the day with it.


This may be my last event of the season, not sure yet. I need to buy an exhaust and I have new brakes and end links to put on, and of course quite a bit of maintenance items. Looking forward to maybe 1 more event this year, or if not, next year. I hope that James and I can get more people out next year as well. I also hope to visit different tracks like Hallett or Mid America Motorplex in Omaha next year.