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Meal Planning - Kohler Created

Meal Planning (6/7-6/13)

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Meal Planning - Kohler Created

Woops! We kind of fell off the meal planning wagon last week. Between returning from Regionals late Sunday night, Neil being on call all week, going live with a client site and getting ready for Neil’s next race this weekend, things got a little crazy.


We got back into the groove and did our normal Sunday shopping. Grilled pork chops and potatoes and veggies to start the week (through Tuesday), and then we’re playing it by ear (or grocery sales) for later in the week. We’re sitting at $66 for the week, with ingredients for breakfasts and lunch as well.


Neil’s race is this weekend, so I’ll be flying solo with Beeb. I’m thinking about just making up a bunch of salads to have at the ready and then her purees and meat. Rachel is coming into town Saturday evening, so I’m thinking dinner out for that day.

Beeb Food

Beeb food continues to be exciting. It’s fun to sit down each night and have a meal as a family, something Neil and I were pretty bad about pre-baby — we ate in our office nearly every night.

KK – Eating Broccoli (8 months) from Kohler Created on Vimeo.

She really loves broccoli, Greek yogurt and sweet potato and she is enjoying meat much more now that it’s not puree’d. She nom’d all the pork chop we gave her last night! I also feel like we’ll be ready to transition to sippy cup for all but night feedings soon. We’ve caught her using them on her own several times. As a follow-up to a previous post, I highly recommend the Munchkin Miracle Trainer cup. I wish they made them for adults!

A few mantras we’re living by: 

  • We structure her meals like our own, protein, veggies and/or fruit at every meal.
  • We offer plenty of variety and make it fun to play with.
  • She sips on water or milk with every meal, and we encourage good conversation.

Just so crazy how fast her little brain is going and all the connections she is making. She is just taking off!

Baby-led Weaning - Kohler Created

Meal Planning (5/24-5/30)

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Farmer’s Market this weekend.

It’s CrossFit Regionals week for Central Region! As you may remember, Neil and I each picked a weekend activity to do solo. His was a float trip and mine is to attend the Central CrossFit Regional in Minneapolis this weekend. It’s my first time leaving Neil and the Beeb! This weekend was already shortened because of Memorial Day but my Thursday night departure date is quickly approaching!

Meal planning this week is super simple and not very noteworthy because of travel and because our casserole lasted so long and had leftover ingredients. In the first part of this week we had meatballs and rice noodles and Mexican pizzas and tacos (using up leftovers). The latter part of this week will be pretty open-ended for whatever Neil feels like. When he left I ate sandwiches and a frozen pizza (sorry, not sorry). He’ll probably enjoy something much better.


Summer sausage from MN that my parents brought back last week.

As for me, I’m going to pack some snacks and the girls and I are taking a cooler. We’ll definitely be enjoying some restaurants in Minnesota though, and I definitely plan on stocking up on some favorites to bring back.

Beeb Food

Beeb food is pretty exciting this week. We are officially moving away from purees (other than for some sides) and into bite-sized pieces. She is on an independent streak! First crawling and now wanting to eat unassisted. She does not want to be fed and pushes your hands away if you try. She’s not 100% with her pinch grip, but she’s close.

Baby-led Weaning - Kohler Created

She had her first taste of watermelon over the weekend at post-Murph BBQ at Iron Wolf CrossFit. She loved it because she could bite pieces off herself. She also enjoyed refried beans and hummus for the first time in some deconstructed Mexican pizzas. I love that she is weaning to solids in the spring/summer, the meal/taste possibilities are endless!


We’re super excited to move this way because it will mean no more pureeing meat, which was just about the grossest thing ever. We can just plan our meals a little creatively so she can eat what we’re eating, when we’re eating it, which is much simpler. We’re still going to make some purees to throw in our reusable squeeze pouches for short travel/snacks, but this is so exciting!

All this has led me to firmly believe that, when it comes to your child, encourage and expose them to things, but let them move at their own pace. We did a combination of purees and baby-led weaning, and ultimately I feel that’s what worked for us. She got to taste and experience plenty of things while refining the skills to feed herself. It wasn’t all or nothing. Babies are a constant ebb and flow of activity. Some things shoot forward while others move a little more slowly — but they all happen in perfect time.

What’s on your menu for the week?

Meal Planning (5/17-5/23) - Kohler Created

Meal Planning (5/17-5/23)

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So by the looks of it, Kaitlan has possibly TWO more teeth on the way. She’s been really amiable the past few days, so either the baltic amber teething necklace we picked up last week is working or we’re definitely going to be in for it. A friend at the gym swears by these necklaces, so fingers crossed. Maybe I’ll use it to say the rosary — just kidding.


We’re using up some pantry items in our meal planning this week. We’ve had two huge cans of green chiles in our pantry for some time, so we decided to make a little casserole for the start the week (Monday-Wednesday). Not the most healthy (cheese + sour cream in large quantities) but super tasty. The latter half of this week (Thursday/Friday) is going to be meatballs and rice noodles with marinara.


Our chicken, beef and pork haul, veggies, some chips and stuff for sammiches for lunch ran us just $70!

Beeb Food

Still working through some frozen supply of chicken and sweet potatoes and a smoothie-like mixture of berries and spinach that I’ve been serving over Greek yogurt to thicken for her.

Next week we definitely have to start planning our meals around what can be pulled and broken up for her. She’s bored of purees, she gets testy if we don’t let her feed herself, and I want to take advantage of her eagerness.

I have a little Pinterest board of the various ideas we’re working with and recipes we’ve tried, so feel free to check that out.

How are your eats this week?

BBQ Chicken - Kohler Created

Meal Planning (5/10-5/16)

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Sorry for the delay on this week’s meal planning. We’ve had an interesting week.

Kaitlan - 8 months

It started this weekend with Kaitlan developing a low-grade fever on Saturday afternoon. We didn’t think much of it, sometimes if she hits a growth spurt she spikes a bit, but then it continued into Sunday, then Monday, and on Tuesday hit a high of 101.5. I had called our doctor on Monday morning, and she had said that if Beeb wasn’t displaying any symptoms of actually being sick (congested, coughing, etc.) to just kind of watch. But she scheduled us to come in.

Almost immediately after, Beeb had a massive, uncharacteristic diaper, and her fever broke. We brought her in, and almost immediately the doctor placed a finger in her mouth and found a tooth breaking through.

We had checked for budding teeth over the weekend but having not felt any we had ruled teething out. But here it was, plain as day, meaning we had brought a smiley, non-feverish, teething baby into the doctor. Newbs!

So the past week has essentially been comforting a finicky, short-fused teething baby who only wants to sleep on us (and by us I mean Neil). I shudder to think of repeating this for every tooth, but I’ve been assured they get better at handling it.

On to more food-related stuffs…


The theme of this week is, well was BBQ chicken. We barbecued 13 pounds (you read that right) of chicken on Sunday — in part for a meal we hosted for my parents and Nate on Sunday, but that still left plenty for this week. You can see above that it completely took over the fridge. We just finished the last of it today for lunch (Thursday) — so that helped out immensely!


I feel like we’re transitioning into our summer mode of eating. Lots of fresh veggies and grilling. I love it, clean eating made easy. Don’t get me wrong, I like cooking and recipes, but I prefer to use my extra daylight hours to be outside wherever possible, or at the very least, not in a hot kitchen.

Our chicken haul, veggies, some chips and stuff for sammiches for lunch ran us just $67!

So to recap, that’s 4.5 days of BBQ. Tonight (Thursday) we’ll probably do something easy, and then tomorrow I have dinner with friends, and then Saturday is a BBQ with friends. Then we start over, and hopefully :fingerscrossed: have a much smoother week.