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Happy New Year! About those 2017 Resolutions…

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I’m cautiously optimistic about 2017. I know we’re not supposed to treat 2016 like a red-headed stepchild, but it really was a crazy year all-around. I’m a resolutions person, so when I sat down late last week to begin thinking about my goals for the year — I could really only write down one…

I want to do less. Or make it feel like I’m doing less…

What do I have in mind for the new year?

I know those of you who know me will laugh, because I’m just that person who wants to go, go, GO, and DO ALL THE THINGS, but gosh it’d be nice to have this year be a little tamer. I know it’s a lot to ask with a busy family, family business, full-time job, and basically another business (which just encompassed another business), but one can hope. Or maybe I just wish to be a little more confident and comfortable in my pacing of it all. Or both.

So while everyone takes a different approach to setting their intentions or goals for the New Year, I’m going to just give you a nice list of desirables, categorized by my life’s various channels. Because I’m old school, and because hearing one more person say their word of the year is “thrive” or “minimalism” will probably make you as crazy as it does me. And since I’ve been such a shitty blogger, I’ll also use my aims for this year to tell you a little about last year.

Happy New Year

My Beeb

My goals for this year are just to be a stand-out model human in all areas I can control for her to continue to watch. Because she does that a lot now. She watches and mimics everything people do, and it’s fun guessing where she’s picked up her latest schtick. Like running around asking for someone by saying “INSERT NAME, are you there?” I’ve tried less to be the “best parent” I can be and have focused more on being the best person I can be this past year — and it seems to work a lot better for my mindset.

She’s obsessed with Libby (our very dear old kitty), so I also need to be a good cat mom to keep her healthy. Otherwise you might hear a desperate post looking for a pear-shaped old black cat to sneak in the house so KK doesn’t know she’s passed on. Last night I rolled over in bed and KK literally had her under the armpits snuggling her like a stuffed animal.


My Neilyo

I need to strive to be as good of a person as Neil is. I don’t deserve him, and I want 2017 to be the year that I finally leave my “new mom” crazy behind and resume being his wife. Parenthood is a mile-a-minute, but there is little now that I can’t handle with the tools and coping mechanisms I don’t already have. It’s not like the first year. I can deal. So I need to chill with the frenetic, crazy pace I’m running around the house in day-to-day and just…be more…wifely?

I also need to talk him up more. He’s doing a lot of really impressive stuff — both at work and in his racing hobby — and who doesn’t love a good cheerleader and wingman sometimes to make you feel good? I could be doing a lot better there, he’s got a really good year coming up.


My Career

I feel like this year was all about doing work, and not necessarily learning or filling my cup so to speak. I worked harder this year than any other, but I really only feel trained and not better for it. So this year I want to focus on filling the cup, learning to do new things, and revisiting my skills in order to do all the things I do better. I think that was the biggest takeaway from my CrossFit Level 2 — that you have to constantly be learning and tailoring, while you are still doing.

I know that all probably sounds really pie in the sky, so here are a few of the tactile things I have in mind:

  • Update this website with a bit more of the creative re-direction we’ve had over the past year.
  • Learn to rapid-build/edit videos, richer multimedia content.
  • Experiment with podcasting or just find a way to get on someone else’s podcast.
  • Rediscover my writing voice — it’s in there somewhere.
  • Build conscious narrative on my social media channels — not just spotty posts here and there.
  • Finish both mine and CrossFit Fringe‘s websites and focus on better usability and client profile matching.
  • Pick and choose just one new road a week to explore (it’s hard, so hard).

Coach's Meeting (12/17)

My Fitness

It’s always nice to feel like whatever I put in this category is just gravy on a situation that is better than I could have ever imagined. My programming is amazing, my community is amazing, and I think the only thing I’d like to add to it is a little yoga, more for just body awareness and recovery than anything else. Neil suggested that I create a little space upstairs in our house, and I might buy a hot yoga punch card to keep it interesting.

CrossFit Fringe FNL Open WOD 16.1

My Self

Ah this is tough. I think for myself I just want to have a calmer year, and really savor all my experiences. I feel like I just rush through everything and onto the next thing, and not really stop to be present. An unlikely next goal after that is to put myself into more uncomfortable situations because I know that’s where the most personal growth tends to happen.

But alas, always the practical person I am, I have some more specific goals as well:

  • Read 45 books. I keep the same GoodReads challenge as last year because it’s the perfect amount of books. Might as well stick with what works right?
  • Re-do the upstairs office to make it more family and lounge friendly.
  • Plant some trees in our yard and reclaim our recreation in it.
  • Take KK tent or cabin camping.
  • Enjoy driving my new car

Now it’s your turn!

What approach do you take for starting a new year, or a new stage in your life? Have you made goals for 2017?

CrossFit Level 2 Seminar

I’m back! My CrossFit Level 2 Seminar Experience

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Hi everyone! Long time no see. I never mean to disappear, but this has been the busiest couple of months I have EVER lived. I hate that I won’t have written thoughts and memories to remember all the amazing work and times we’ve had, but you can only do so much and I hope to start getting back into a regular routine now that things are becoming…well somewhat more doable.

CrossFit Level 2 Seminar

As you might have heard, I just completed my CrossFit Level 2 certification! It was my big 2017 goal and I completed it just in the nick of time.

What is the CrossFit Level 2 Seminar?

“This course is ideally suited for any CrossFit trainer serious about delivering quality coaching. Students enhance their understanding of the CrossFit methodology, program design, and implementation, and they advance their skills while coaching others in movements and workouts. Students need to come prepared to be heavily engaged; each leads individual and small-group training sessions, and classroom sessions are discussion-based. Peers and instructors provide feedback and evaluation.” (source: CrossFit Training)

In short, the Level 2 Certificate course is that “next-level” intermediate step that builds on the methodology and movements of CrossFit learned at the Level 1 Certificate course. It aims to build on the understanding of essential mechanics of functional movements, fault identification, and correction, essential qualities of an effective trainer, effective programming design, and evaluation, and class management strategies and structure for effective group workouts.

The Level 2 is the second out of three (soon to be four) certifications offered by CrossFit for coaching.

Why did I want to take it?

For those who are just starting to know me, I’m a Learner and an Achiever (StrengthsFinder). I always want to know about everything, and I thrive on achieving things.

When I started CrossFit 5.5 years ago, I had never really done sports or “working out” before. I got hooked quickly once I realized CrossFit wasn’t just “hitting the gym.” It had a methodology that thrived on testing and retesting measurable, observable and repeatable fitness movements and benchmarks.

Along the way, I also fell in love with coaching and being a working part of the community. Just like the workouts themselves, coaching CrossFit has its own style and methodology that thrives on constant variance and improvement. And as one of the early (second!) female coaches in COMO, I’ve always felt women needed to special representation (because we own), as well as “from scratch” athletes who started from the very beginning like me.

I wanted to take the L2 specifically because I wanted to attack weaknesses I know I have in front of groups and public speaking, as well as fine tune some strategies for cueing and triaging (that’s an official term) movement patterns.

How did I prepare for the seminar?

I think every certification or test has its horror stories, and there was no shortage of them for the L2 when I started thinking about registering. I’m a part of the CrossFit Affiliate Owners and Coaches group on Facebook, and I regularly stalk the CrossFit subReddit. People talk, and if you know me, you can guess how that might have sent my anxiety into THREAT LEVEL MIDNIGHT CODE RED SURVIVAL. I suffer from crippling performance anxiety when it comes to public speaking. Oddly enough it’s never been an issue coaching unless I’m doing so in front of 10+ people.

With that all said, the biggest help I found was talking to people, mainly Tyler, Angelo, and Nate. I read the extensive LEVEL 2 TRAINING GUIDE & WORKBOOK from the CrossFit Training website. I also discovered several YouTube playlists of videos (here and here) captured at Level 2 Seminars. They were very helpful in allowing me to kind of priming my mind for the lectures and demonstrations. The CrossFit YouTube channel, as well as the CrossFit Journal, has tons of available resources. If you aren’t taking advantage of them (even as an athlete) you are missing out!

My Level 2 Seminar Experience

Day 1

My CrossFit Seminar Staff consisted of Steve and Natosha Haydock, a married couple from CrossFit Springfield where I attended the seminar. Steve’s intense (in a good way):

The softer side of Steve…

In addition to being a part of the coveted CrossFit Seminar Staff, they now hold the distinguished role of being witnesses to my Level 2 experience (haha!).

The first day began with the six criteria needed for effective training (teaching, seeing, correcting, group management, presence/attitude, and demonstration).

We then broke into groups and practiced teaching and correcting static and dynamic positions in the 9 foundational movements. It was very nerve-wracking to essentially circle your fellow participants repeatedly and cue their movements, not to mention the fact that it was being guided and prompted by the Steve or Natosha.

Subtle dynamic faults are definitely something I need to be more mindful of. In the world of group fitness classes, it’s all too easy to attack only gross faults, especially in those who are new to CrossFit or working out. Often this leads to intermediate and advanced athletes being coached less, and I know I’ve been guilty of that.

After lunch, we dug into class structure and group management. We built off the discussions over the effective coaching criteria and applied those approaches to how we approach a one hour class or session. Natosha led us through a “mock” class and demonstrated how many opportunities there are for coaching and how every one of our athletes should come away feeling like they’ve received valuable feedback, one-on-one attention and ways they can improve. That was the part/idea that, even though I knew it already was my biggest “aha” moment of the weekend (there were more for sure).

Our workout (we always want to know what the workouts are at these seminars don’t we?) was:

21-18-15-12 (reps of each)

  • Sumo deadlift high pulls (95/65)
  • Overhead lunges (95/65)
  • Push-ups

This was my jam, although eating Chipotle 1.5 hours before not thinking there may be a workout was a mistake.

We closed Day 1 with one more daunting group exercise where we had to pick a foundational movement, teach it to another member, then triage and refine their movement to what is better and closer to “optimal.”

Needless to say, the rumors are true, you are WORN OUT.

Day 2

Day 2 dug heavily into teaching and programming for the methodology of CrossFit. I’m fascinated by programming, mostly because I’m an Instructional Developer by day. That is what got me hooked on CrossFit in the first place. How all the pieces come together to meet the desired stimulus or performance outcomes. Yum.

While the Level 1 Seminar dedicates just a little piece of Day 2 to programming, The Level 2 Seminar digs further into not only developing programming but analyzing its effectiveness. They offered great insight into how to really develop for variance well, offering great templates and techniques for writing and developing workouts, proper scales and accommodating heavy days.

The final big exercise was a teach back/group coaching — teaching and cueing a movement (mine was overhead squat) to an entire group. Boy, that was tough — and I can definitely tell that I’m used to much smaller and one-on-one coaching. I could not stop jumping around instead of projecting and commanding from one place. Yikes.


While daunting and very much like ripping a band-aid off some major hang-ups and anxiety, I’m so happy I completed this seminar. I feel like it’s given me renewed motivation and better context for what I should aim for in my coaching and position at CrossFit Fringe. Too often, I sit on the side and assume other people would be better-suited to things than I would, and that really isn’t always the case. I got great feedback, and feel assured that my coaching is valuable and needed.

Has it been 5 years of CrossFit already?

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A little ditty on our CrossFit anniversary…


2011, last night in our first location

I can’t believe I just typed that. Neil and I have been doing CrossFit for 5 years. It probably sounds somewhat smug, but most people don’t celebrate their gym anniversaries. That’s a testament to why CrossFit (and especially our community) is so significant and valuable. Because not only do I feel the need to acknowledge every year, but there are more years. My fitness is not something I picked up and put down. It’s never faded or become old hat. If anything, it continues to grow in my life.


2013, after HOA team competition

CrossFit has taught me to define fitness not only by its methodology but the entire spectrum of my health. It’s taught me to constantly seek improvement, whether it be in my lifts, or the quality of my sleep and time with family. I’m less afraid to tackle new or hard challenges, and my attitude has more optimism than a church revival. I strive constantly to be a better person, a better example, and a better support to others.

CrossFit Open WOD 16.5

2016, after CrossFit Open Workout 16.5

Being new at something is never easy, but if I were to give one piece of advice to new athletes (in any sport really) it would be to make it your own. Focus on just your pieces of fitness. I was so intimidated by others for far too long. And I thought that if I wasn’t the best, that I was less “good” or would be seen as less of an athlete. Having the heaviest lifts or the fastest times doesn’t define you, the work and your attitude does. Celebrate all the little moments, find your tribe, and savor every moment of the adventure.

Here’s to five more years…

Friday Link-up and Loving Lately

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The top mezzanine is really coming along this week at Fringe 2.0!

Friday Link-up and Loving Lately

I am so excited about that upstairs. I hope Tyler realizes that I’m going to camp out in that office.

Did you take advantage of any of the mega deals on Amazon this week? I wasn’t going to, but then someone shared that the spiralizer I have been coveting for some time was on super sale, and I went for it. I couldn’t help myself. It arrived yesterday, and I’m in love!


I can’t wait to give this a try next week! Onto the rest of what I’m loving this week!

Friday Link-up and Loving Lately


I get on waiting lists for popular books at the library all the time (I think it’s an addiction), and it just so happens TWO became available at the same time: Fates and Furies, and All Things Cease to Appear. I’m going to have to haul ass to finish these both and so far they are really good!


NAKED Nutrition (Protein specifically). I received an awesome array of samples from NAKED Nutrition, and I’ve been in love with every one of them so far. Since quitting breastfeeding/pumping a year ago, I’ve kind of re-entered the world of supplements, but I never feel all that comfortable with them. It’s a shady business, nothing is regulated, and as someone who prioritizes as many fresh and unprocessed foods in my diet as possible, supplements are…well a lot of them are NOT. Here’s Neil reading the back of one of our Whey Protein brands vs. Less NAKED Whey Protein (chocolate):

I’m especially loving blending them with iced coffee!


String Cheese + Packets Seriously, we’ve been so on the go lately that this is my go-to meal for BOTH KK and myself. I used to grab one of the many brands of bars, but they always leave me feeling like I haven’t eaten anything, it’s such a waste (and most are really high in sugar)! This combo packs a good protein punch (8g in the string cheese alone) and I feel full enough to work out or continue chasing KK until I can get a proper meal in.

Passing this awesome deal onto you: Buy TWO Sargento snacks and get a FREE subscription to Women’s Health Magazine for a YEAR!


New Ulm Summer Sausage! Okay, I know this is really specific. My parents recently took a trip back up to my home state (the best one ever, Minnesota), and brought some summer sausage back from New Ulm. I grew up on this stuff, and it’s unrivaled to anything I’ve been able to find here. I think the secret is mustard seeds. Anyway, it’s been forever since I had it. KK got some for the first time, and loved it. Definitely in her genes. No place to order online, just going to have to travel there.

From elsewhere around the Internet

Have a great weekend everyone!

Disclosure: I am participating in the Women’s Health Action Hero program and have been provided with Sargento String Cheese and the opportunity to participate in an ambassadorship program for the period of a year in exchange for my thoughts, awareness through blog posts and opinions about any products or opportunities I partake in.

our toddler is a night owl

Our toddler is a night owl

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Happy Tuesday!

I feel like this weekend was a lot of playtime and catch-up with our business. We are absolutely booked solid right now. And although I like to have business continually coming in, there’s always that tipping point where it starts to feel a little crushing, and you want some things OFF your plate. Thankfully, with some creativity, we were able to swap the KK playtime parent role back and forth and finish one big go-live.

New front desk progress at Fringe 2.0!

New Front Desk

Additionally, now that our new client management system and WOD tracking are live and fully functioning at CrossFit Fringe, I got to finish a nearly 6-month task list of things I’ve been wanting to update/change about our front and back end systems. It’s probably a little dorky to be this excited, but better business system flow and communication with our members is pretty much my numero uno priority.

KK at 23 months

We also got out of the house on quite a few errands and took KK out for lunch at Flat Branch on Saturday. She was like, the best-behaved kid in the informal family section. That’s right. That’s our name for when they group all the families with small children together at a restaurant, but totally act like they haven’t done it intentionally. It’s totally fine, I prefer not disturbing other people, but it’s just so funny when they do it and act like they haven’t done it. We also did a little splash park time:

KK at 23 months

KK at 23 months

KK at 23 months

She super late naps and stayed up super late with us (thus being the reason we juggled around to get our biz work done). To help keep her busy, we made a new toy thanks to the suggestion of a friend:


She loves this box full of rice aka “sensory activity.” Seriously, LOVES it. She likes scooping and pouring the rice between cups. The dogs are enjoying the snack of whatever is spilling out, and for the most part, it makes cooking in the kitchen a lot easier. I think we’ll probably create another one with noodles next.


She said “NO” for the first time Sunday. It just came out and I nearly fell over. I don’t know if I’m excited or scared for what happens next. On one hand, it’s just another way she can communicate more clearly with us, but I’ve also heard that NO becomes no to everything, and the start of many battles. We will see…

“Mama” is also sounding clearer and less like “MeMET,” though I was kind of getting attached to that pronunciation. She is still saying COCK for car/truck, which is always hard to explain to people.

On Sunday, we tried doing our weekly shopping at Aldi for the first time. It was pure chaos in there (ours is tiny), but we got a lot for a lot less than we typically pay. We definitely can’t replace our other stores with it entirely, but we could definitely stand to save some money on some things by going there.


Meal prep this week was a double batch of lasagna. A little outside the norm, but you have to do the fun stuff sometimes right? I pinned a bunch of new stuff to try, and I just bought a spiralizer I’ve been coveting on Amazon for Prime Day, so let the fun begin!

Other than that, it’s hot, I’m ready for fall. I want to be outside again.

Kaitlan's 2nd and Raniest Fourth of July - Kohler Created

Rainiest Fourth of July

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rainiest fourth of july

I can’t remember a rainier Fourth of July weekend than this year. It barely stopped raining from Saturday morning onward. But we had a fun weekend anyway!

We started Friday hoping to get a training session in at CrossFit Fringe, but KK took an early nap and was in NO mood to hang out at the gym. Even doing burpees didn’t make her laugh like normal. She eventually calmed down and we passed the time picking flowers, finding bees, and rolling around on the weight carts while Neil worked out.


Afterward, the female coaches (we call ourselves the couches — long story) got together for dinner. We try to do this a few times a year. Libby makes amazing hotpot, and it’s nice to just mellow out, tell stories, and just have girl time. We’re all pretty busy, so it’s always nice and laid back.


Love my new tank from Women’s Health Magazine!

Saturday I hit the gym for a training session. I recently signed up for HOA (an epic CrossFit competition I did just before getting pregnant in 2013), and so I’m slowly starting to add a little volume in preparation. I hit back squats, an EMOM (every minute on the minute) of some weaknesses, and then did the class workout. I was pretty smoked by the end! Here is a video of one of my warm-up sets at 175#.

My full workout ended up being:

4×3 Back Squat at 200# (with some additional lighter sets for warm-up)
10 minute EMOM of 1 clean and jerk (105#), 5 pull-ups/ring dips
8 minutes muscle-up skill work (getting so close to 5 in a row!)
5 rounds of 15 burpees + 45 second airdyne sprint + AMRAP (20) wall balls

Needless to say, I was definitely happy when naptime came around. Neil got to enjoy some computer games, and I hit our comfy bed with KK.

It was still raining when we woke up, so we ordered some pokey sticks from Gumby’s, and watched half of the first season of Veep with a little Ben and Jerry’s (Cinnamon Bun) to share. Since Game of Thrones is done until 2017, we’ve been on the hunt for a few new shows and I’ve heard a lot of good things about it. It definitely lived up to the hype — kind of a West Wing meets Parks and Recreation, really right up our alley. Have any show recommendations for us? We really don’t get to watch a ton of TV, just an episode or two of something other than kid programming every few days.

We also hit the ab roller on hard mode:

Ab roller hard mode from Kohler Created on Vimeo.

Sunday started off pretty rainy but cleared up in the early evening. We did some cleaning projects in the upstairs closets and ended up purging a bunch of stuff, which is always a good feeling. With Kaitlan’s stuff always growing, I find myself parting with my own stuff a lot easier haha. We still had boxes of DVDs and CDs, so it was long overdue that they made their way out.


We did the grocery shopping and a little meal prep. Last week we made a Korean Pulled Pork that we liked so much we bought the ingredients for another round. It’s super easy to put together and it’s a little different spin on pulled pork, so that’s fun. I really like it with rice, pineapple, a little kimchi and sriracha 9seen above).


I stayed up way too late finishing The Good Girl by Mary Kubica. It’s not even due for another 10 days, I don’t know what I was thinking. If you remember, I just finished Don’t You Cry, and I’m pretty sure I’m moving to Pretty Baby after I finish my current library load of books.



July 4th was actually pretty mello. The weather was great so after naptime we headed to a friends house for BBQ and playtime and then we drove home, grabbed the stroller and walked downtown for the fireworks display. KK really enjoyed playing in the park, but was still not thrilled about fireworks. I don’t blame her, it was really loud this year.

So out with June, in with July! What are your plans and goals for the month of July?

CrossFit Fringe New Building

Highs and Lows

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CrossFit Fringe New Building

I see this fun highs and lows post idea around the blogosphere all the time and thought I would try it out for myself to share a little of what is going on around here.

First, thanks for bearing with my last post. I gotta be honest, I took most of last week “off” the Internet. I don’t do that often, but sometimes being online just makes me feel terrible and really anxious, especially when world events, negativity, and fighting hit critical mass. Spoiler: No one wins the Internet and fighting solves nothing.

It’s tough taking a break when so much of your job involves so much work on the Internet, but I managed to eek by and really just focus on work offline, which to be honest, was really nice.

Anyhow, a little of life around here while I’ve been out.

KK 22 months – Rolling exercise ball and laughing from Kohler Created on Vimeo.

High: My little chatty KK baby! Non-stop little sentences comprised of seemingly more and more clear words. A few of the most common: dog, kitty, car (unfortunately pronounced “cock”), truck (also pronounced as “cock”), blueberry, thank you, I sneeze, I go, I see, bath, bottle, bees, cow, book, go, doc, shoes, teeth, hair, and block.

The mispronounciation of car/truck is really awkward. We were at the library over the weekend and she was seeing the cars/trucks outside the window and almost screaming “COCK.”

She’s also catching onto games and scenario-based play. We play this game constantly where we pretend to roll over the ball. She loves it! She also has started being more reciprocally playful with the other kids at the gym.


Low: Feeling completely overwhelmed at work and like I’m never getting closer to being caught up. Even at “full steam” productivity, for everything I cross off the list, I seemingly add about 10 more items. I’m always anxious about dropping the ball somewhere. Not really good times. Though breakfast burritos help…

High: The new home of CrossFit Fringe is coming together swimmingly (per the above pic)! Tyler has been putting in some insane hours and has been working his tail off, so I’m not only excited but super proud of my boss.

Low: It’s so beastly hot. Last year we enjoyed a really mild summer, this one appears to be on track for most like the surface of the sun. We got a great storm last night after several weeks of no rain, and I’m pretty sure you could hear a collective sigh of relief around town.

Unintentional PR match for 3 reps at 225# from Kohler Created on Vimeo.

High: Hitting 3 reps of your previous deadlift PR by accident (ie, not paying attention to what you loaded on the bar). Not a PR anymore! And yes, that look is because Angelo is continually putting the weight on the bar.

Low: KK picked up a cold from somewhere. I hate watching her struggle with runny noses and congestion. I can’t wait till she figures out blowing her nose from all the goofy demonstrations and practice we’ve tried with her. I don’t know what we’d do without the NoseFrida and Boogie Wipes.


High: My reading game is still strong. I just finished a YA called Tell Me Three Things by Julie Buxbaum, and I’m almost finished with Don’t You Cry by Mary Kubica, which is sooooo delightfully suspenseful. Reading really helps center me. If you don’t already, follow me on GoodReads!

Any big highs or lows for you lately?

KK at the park

Weekend in the Park

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You’ve heard of a “walk in the park”…

…but what about a weekend in the park? This weekend felt a little slower. Oh who am I kidding, I don’t know what a slow weekend is anymore. Everything always feels like it’s going like 150 miles per hour. We’re booked up with freelance, we’re working toward CrossFit Fringe‘s move, and Neil has a race next weekend.

That being said, I love summer weekends where it stays light long, and you can take evening walks just before bedtime. We’re still sleeping with the windows open a lot of nights, and with a pretty wooded lot, it almost feels like camping.

weekend in the park

Speaking of yard, harvested my first round of kale from the garden! My lettuce hasn’t fared so well, but going to try another round. This is definitely a learning process, and time flies much quicker than I thought it would. I didn’t harvest fast enough!

So back to the weekend. Friday afternoon started with an awesome delivery from Naked Nutrition! More on this soon!


Friday night I stayed up way too late reading. Okay it was just nearly 1am, but that is extremely late for me. I’ve been on a YA Fiction BINGE lately, and finished up two books I started Thursday on Friday night! If you haven’t, you should definitely guilty pleasure read The Selection series and the Dorothy Must Die series. So, so well worth it, and they make you feel like a rockstar because you’ll finish them fast. Seriously, I need to do another book update, because I feel like I am killing it lately! Yup, that’s me patting myself on the back. Here are the gorgeous covers of both books:



Saturday morning KK woke up unusually early for a weekend. Typically we get a 7-7:30am toddler alarm, but it was like closer to 6:30am. We ran some errands, including Target for new sandals and swim gear for her, and then hit a park. She loved the slides and splashing in the puddles.

Kaitlan - 21 months

Kaitlan - 21 months

Here are the cute sandals we got her at Target. They had some cute girly ones, and while I loved them, she is into mud and dirt non-stop (evidence above), and it just didn’t seem practical…


Saturday night KK earned her first time out. She’s had some totally impressive tantrums lately, but Saturday night she absolutely did NOT want her diaper changed, and was just in full-scale revolt. Neil and I looked at each other and it was like, “yup, this is happening.”


We placed her in her bed, and closed the door. When she started to calm down and had nearly stopped crying (5-7-ish minutes), I opened her door, and she was standing in the doorway with her plastic cooking toys and bottom lip fully out. She ran to me immediately and gave me the biggest hug and would not let go. It was not an easy thing to do, but I’d rather the lessons come now and she understand where the lines are. Give me a rabid toddler any day over a newborn baby and all night crying, this still feels easier. It’s still hard in knowing what is the most effective/non-effective thing to do, but you learn over time right?

Kaitlan - 21 months

Sunday, we hit the Annual Art in the Park at Stephens Lake Park (near our new location!) and then just did a boat load of food prep for the week. KK had so much fun she didn’t nap until nearly 5pm! I enjoyed getting a little work done for sure!



Ended the weekend with awesome dinner! I could eat meatloaf and sweet potato tots every day haha!

How was your weekend?

February Camping Trip

Divide and Conquer Weekend

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I hope your weekend was as fun as ours! Here’s a little recap!


Friday night was CrossFit, cheat meals (Billiards burgers) and coloring! I want to kiss whomever invented Color Magic Markers. GENIUS!


Camping Trip 2/6/16

Saturday morning Neil left for an overnight camping trip with some friends and KK and I got girl time. We watched movies and munched on Chex Mix, then hit a potluck at the gym. You just can’t beat CrossFit, so many activities!


We then spent the evening at grandpa and grandmas (my parents) watching Frozen. I just introduced them to the concept of looking for Easter eggs in Disney movies. It makes redundant watching so much more interesting. Did you know Rapunzel makes an appearance in Frozen?


Sunday morning we had breakfast and did all the grocery shopping. Neil got home and I then hit the gym for ROMWOD and some muscle-up work with some of the other coaches. My MU are pretty good, but I know they could be much better, so I’m actually being proactive and seeking help.

ROMWOD Mobility Classes - CrossFit Fringe

Super Bowl night was pretty low key. We food prepped, which involved smoking a ton of chicken, a huge pork butt and then homemade applesauce and hardboiled eggs. My brother got me one of these cool peelers for Christmas, and I’m definitely putting it to good use. It’s so much cheaper to make applesauce than it is to buy it.

Food Prep 2/7/16

KK helped clean…


…or not.

Food Prep 2/7/16

We dined on steaks, potatoes and salad and caught the end of the Super Bowl. KK ate her weight in steak, stealing most of it from my plate. I can’t believe how much she’s been growing lately, she is getting so long!

Kaitlan napping - 17 months

Weekend Naps

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The weekend feels like it flew by — probably because I spent a lot of it napping.


Oh that face…she’s becoming such a little person these days. I need to capture video of her stomping around the house like she owns the place. Such a little boss. I sometimes catch my breath on the thought that there was a time this house held no trace of this little person. It’s so much more our home now.

Kaitlan took two long afternoon naps on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday it was from 2-5pm, and on Sunday it was 12:30-3:30pm. Because we most of the time will nap with her or sleep while she sleeps, that meant I got two long naps in as well. I definitely missed some of the warm weather everyone else got to enjoy, but if I’ve learned anything from being a parent, it’s that you never say no to a nap.

January 2016 Friday Night Lights

January 2016 Friday Night Lights

It was still a pretty exciting weekend otherwise. Friday night we had our FNL (Friday Night Lights) event at CrossFit Fringe for January. I managed to squeeze in most of the workout while taking pictures of the event. It looked brutal, and there was sweat everywhere.

January 2016 Friday Night Lights

January 2016 Friday Night Lights

January 2016 Friday Night Lights

Sorry for the ugly flash, I forgot my external so was just using the stock camera one!


Saturday morning we ran a bunch of errands. With the close of our Whole30 Challenge just a few days away, we decided that an electric smoker would definitely help our meal prep moving forward. Several of our members have one and it was a lifesaver for them. We’ve been wanting one for years, so it seemed like the perfect time to pull the trigger.


Of course, the moment we bought one, the grocery store didn’t have any pork butts (they have literally had them every week for 2 years, I swear), so we ended up with chicken and ribs our first go-round. Not too shabby though (understatement). Good purchase decision.


In other food news, Kaitlan’s re-introduction to cow’s dairy after the stomach bug over the weekend was also successful, so that’s a relief! I also meal-prepped my rice pudding and Kaitlan’s sandwich bread for the week. I’m still playing with recipes to get the perfect one, but she loved this one, so here is the recipe. I find it a little bland for my tastes.


Sunday was our first ROMWOD mobility class at Fringe! We did a survey around New Year’s to gauge people’s feedback about our programs and services, and one of the clearest suggestions we received was the need for some kind of structured mobility offering. We offer a blended service of ROMWOD and a few of our own suggestions, and the first class went great!

All in all, a great weekend!