Unsolicited Wedding Advice

A snippet of the official photos from my cousin Nate and Sarah’s wedding back in June. Too cute, and I’m envious of their photographer. My advice: Hire a good photographer. Spare the extra expense. If you get a funky vibe, your intuition is probably right.

Kitchen Cookbook Staple: Too Many Tomatoes, Squash, Beans, and Other Good Things…

Too Many Tomatoes, Squash, Beans and Other Good Things is definitely not applicable to my garden this year but it would have really come in handy last year when I was covered in tomatoes and grew tired of canning and eating fresh tomato sauce. I know, the absurdity of such thoughts in light of how […]


Neil’s youngest brother Alex and his fiancé Audrey. They got engaged at the Wizard’s game on Saturday! If you were around me Saturday, you know I was on pins and needles waiting to hear the news. I say don’t stress the tiny details. What’s your best wedding planning advice?

Keeping Tradition

Because we spent our first anniversary in Montana, we’re just now getting around to a few of the things we said we’d do. Well actually, this one wasn’t our idea, someone said we had to do this, so we said “sure, why not.” Apparently the tradition started as a christening rite for a couple’s first […]

Coffee Cups and Metaphors

My Auntie Sandy gave us these mugs as a wedding gift a year ago. Most people probably would have kept them for special occasions or decoration but we dove in and started using them. After a year, they have tiny chips around the rims and Neil’s has a permanent creamer ring. My favorite part is […]

Nate and Sarah’s Wedding Weekend

We had a blast at my cousin’s wedding in Minnesota this weekend. It’s always an awesome time seeing my family. Throughout all the changes, the moves, and distance, they are a constant and an amazing support system to both Neil and I. The weather this weekend however, was the complete opposite. I’ve never been under […]

Today is the Big Day!

A crappy phone shot of the rehearsal last night.

Off For the Weekend

Anja and I at Halloween. I was Billy Mays and she was Kate Gosselin I know we’ve been a little absent this week. With the amount of freelance coming in and adopting Clive, we’ve been a little busy. Life happens, and sometimes a few things have to be put on hold while you’re out enjoying […]

Goodbye ’09! Goodbye decade!

I’m not a pessimist. A lot of amazing and wonderful things happened this decade, but overall, I’m glad to be through it and excited because the next decade holds not only a lot of promise, but a lot of big changes and momentum in our lives. A few of the great memories from 2009: February […]

Change of venue

I’m told this is normal. That what you plan initially might end up folding and you might change your mind. In any sense, we submit our change of venue (very lawyer-ish ey?). We will be getting married in A.P. Green Chapel on the University of Missouri campus. I think we just came into thinking that […]