Video and data logging for the budget racer

Video and data logging are both very useful tools. Not only to help you analyze your laps to learn why you were significantly faster on any one lap versus the other, but its also just plain cool to be able to show your friends and family your hobby in a meaningful way. The issue is […]

8-21-2013 Gateway Motorsports Park SCCA PDX

Another track day down! And boy this was a good one! This time the track day was a 1/2 day event that began around 3:30PM and ran until dark. I have never done one of these half day events but I have to say there are a few benefits to them over a full day. […]

Boston Terrier Tug of War!

A funny video of Clive and Matilda playing tug of war to get you through your mid week! Enjoy!

Clive Takes on 9″ of Snow

Our Boston Terrier “Clive” in 9 inches of snow from Kohler Created on Vimeo. So I’m thinking we’ve been completely obnoxious new dog parents with all the video we’ve been taking of Clive’s encounters with snow. Check out the terror on his face in the beginning of the video as he looks back at Neil. […]

Cooking with Christopher Walken

Neil found this video this morning on one of his regular meme link sites. I don’t think it really needs additional explanation right?

The Power of Cheese

The Cheese Shop Sketch, Monty Python. Seemed rather appropriate for today!

Runnin’ Down a Dream

Neil and I started watching a pretty fantastical documentary last night called “Runnin’ Down A Dream,” the story of  Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers by Peter Bogdanovich. He’s that all-time eccentric but very talented guy who also made The Last Picture Show, which I also recommend (it was Jeff Bridges first movie). This band is […]


Our pup is in his first day of crate-freedom. What we thought was separation anxiety we’re now thinking is actual containment phobia, based on what we’ve read. We set up a webcam, and so far so good. He is definitely missing us, but is not in a frenzy of anxiety and fear-driven mania. It was […]

Happy Friday…

…and a good morning to you! If you’re like me, you need some lively music to get you going this morning. I love her sound!

Man vs. Food Cameo

So, if you’re food obsessed like Neil and I, you love pretty much the entire line-up of both the Food Network and Travel Channel. I used to laugh at my parents for sitting mesmerized while Malto Mario talked pastas and seafood, but now in my late-twenties Neil and I could easily watch food and travel […]