The Juice is Loose!

A few weeks ago while working upstairs in the loft, we came across “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” on Netflix. We were immediately intrigued by the premise that a man had cured his weight-related health issues with a lifestyle change that involved a 60-day juice fast. That’s no small order. In the beginning of the […]

Pizza Caprese with Spinach?

As of late, I feel like our meals are really reflecting our priorities. While good food and fun meals are still important, our desire to squeeze every last minute out of this summer has us making much simpler meals than we typically do. The fourth of July holiday always marks the midpoint of summer in […]

We Found a Winner! Dr. Praeger’s Veggie Burgers

With all the crazy moving action over the past two weeks, dinnertime around our house(s) has been more or less “well, what do you want to pick up tonight?” Don’t get me wrong, we love a good dinner out, but when it’s every night, it can get more than a little old, and difficult to […]

Meatless Monday: Curry Ginger Banana Stir Fry

You read right, banana stir fry. We were skeptical, but we’re convinced, and we think you’ll love it. Neil has been asking for stir fry for a few weeks and on Saturday, on a whim, pulled out the stir fry noodles and assessed what we had around. Coming up with very little and not wanting […]

Eating Fast but not Fast Food

We’ve been insanely busy the past two weeks so we’ve been eating a lot of quick dinners. Morningstar “Chik” Patties and homemade baked spicy fries are a go-to staple for us. I like my fries super skinny and “McDonald’s-style,” how about you? Picked up this awesome new bowl on Amazon. We’d been using an ancient […]

Baked Falafel and Mujadarra

Oh the dilemma of a fixed lens. Just not enough focus area to show you all of this amazing plate at once. In retrospect I should have switched lenses, but I was just so excited to eat that I decided to limit myself to a few shots and then call it good. Little did I […]

Spicy Vegetarian Stout Chili

I am convinced spring has abandoned us. Seriously, where did it go?! This was not my idea of spring break. This lingering wet and cold weather blegh is seriously zapping all of my energy and optimism. All this week I’ve continually found myself exhausted before I even leave work and ready for bed before 10. […]

Clive’s First Asparagus: A Moment of DERP.

Ever since we saw this image a few months back, we’ve taken to identifying Clive’s hilarious wide-eyed expressions as DERP. When we gave our fruit and veggie-loving dog (remember his Labor Day incident?) asparagus for the first time on Monday, it was pure DERP. We love that he loves veggies, we just wish they didn’t […]

Spring Leek and Potato Tart…Quiche?

While I was in St. Louis subliminally trying to convince Ree Drummond that I’m the next big thing in blogging, I happened across a local food publication called Feast. I don’t know if St. Louis is unique in this, but they have several awesome local magazines. So when I saw Feast while grabbing coffee on […]

Brown Butter Butterscotch Banana Bread …with Greek Yogurt?

It’s official. My Greek yogurt obsession is out of control. It’s become almost a game. “Can I put Greek yogurt in this?” The latest challenge was born out of Neil’s insistence that I find a use for the two black bananas in our freezer. We have only our tiny refrigerator freezer and it is stuffed […]