100 Acre Wood picture contest- VOTE!

VOTE HERE! Post event, Rally-America.com is having a picture contest that anyone who attended the 100 Acre Wood Rally could sumbit their picture to be voted upon. Winner receives a $100 gift certificate and some signed memoribilia! PS. Shameless plug, here is our photo! but you dont have to vote for us, but you should! […]

Rally America 100 Acre Wood – The photos

Click here to see the photos in their full size glory! Rally America is having a photo contest, we will be picking a few photos that YOU can vote on and the winner we will submit to the contest.  Stay tuned!

Rally America 100 Acre Wood Day 1 preview

Full write up after the weekend with more pictures and lots of video!

Tribute to Rally Racing – Part 3

Here is a video of Ford/Monster World Rally team driver Ken Block practicing in Salem, MO for the 100 Acre Wood race that Jessica and I will be watching tomorrow. We will have a mini update after each day and then a full write up after the weekend.  For more Ken Block movies, give him a search […]

Tribute to Rally Racing – Part 2

The best part about Rally Racing is the unpredictable and varying terrains that these incredible drivers must maneuver at speeds that an average person would not even be able to handle on pavement. Rally Races do not stop for tarmac, mud, snow, rain, hail, or any other thing that nature can throw at them. Check […]

Tribute to Rally Racing – Part 1

One of the best rally video ! In lieu of this weekend’s Rally America 100 Acre Wood Rally in Salem, MO I thought it would be apropriate to share a movie that highlights some of the Rally Racing greats over the years. This is a great video for someone new to Rally to get a quick glimpse […]

Goodbye ’09! Goodbye decade!

I’m not a pessimist. A lot of amazing and wonderful things happened this decade, but overall, I’m glad to be through it and excited because the next decade holds not only a lot of promise, but a lot of big changes and momentum in our lives. A few of the great memories from 2009: February […]

2009 Rally America 100 Acre Wood Rally

It was AMAAAAZING! For the newbs… What is Rally? Performance Rallying is one of the world’s most challenging and popular motor sports. Unlike any other type of car racing, rally teams must face a “track” which is unknown to them, and which consists of rugged unpaved roads across terrain ranging from deserts to mountains, including […]