Kitchen WOH! A case for reading recipes…

Has this ever happened to you? Yesterday, while Neil was out running errands, I decided to make dinner. I’d been wanting to make Annie’s Eat’s Pizza Bites forever, so I made a batch of our favorite dough, and chopped up some pepperoni and grated some fresh mozzarella. Since we’ve made so much pizza to date, […]

Pizza Caprese with Spinach?

As of late, I feel like our meals are really reflecting our priorities. While good food and fun meals are still important, our desire to squeeze every last minute out of this summer has us making much simpler meals than we typically do. The fourth of July holiday always marks the midpoint of summer in […]

Kimchi Prosciutto Pizza

Kimchi has been on our “to try” list for just about a year now. Every time we’re in the grocery store, we roll past it and say, “we really need to think of a way to use kimchi,” before wussing out and rolling right on past it again. We’ve always been intimidated by it because […]

The Perfect Thin and Crispy Pizza Crust

So we did it! After our last trial, we received some helpful comments and suggestions that led us to believe we weren’t going as full-force with our technique as we could go. We apparently needed to be more hardcore, and maybe a little dangerous? Because the government shutdown was averted at the 11th hour, my […]

Thin & Crispy Crust Trial #3: Black Forest Ham and Pineapple Relish Pizza

As I mentioned in our St. Patrick’s Day Pizza post, we’re on the march toward perfecting the perfect crispy pizza crust “a la Kohler.” We’re bordering on obsessive now. It has to be done! I have no shame in saying that we’ll be eating pizza like it’s our job until we figure this out. I […]

St. Patrick’s Day Pizza: Asparagus and Potato Pizza with Pesto and Carmelized Onions

So if you’ve been following us a bit, you know we started a little tradition last Thanksgiving of making pizza themed around every holiday (evidence here and here). Nothing really that deep, just good pizza with ingredients or colors we feel are representative of the upcoming holiday. Well for St. Patrick’s Day we went a […]

Happy Valentine’s Day! Pig and Pineapple Pizza on Beet Crust

After the success of Thanksgiving Pizza, Neil and I knew it was something to make habit for all the little holidays throughout they year that we often don’t pay much attention to. We’ve been looking forward to our Valentine’s edition pizza ever since. It’s not that we ignore Valentine’s but typically we’re always a little […]

Thanksgiving Pizza

I decided to end this week with a recipe that requires a little sense of humor. It does. The mere idea of a Thanksgiving pizza requires a little sense of humor, though if you like unique pizza, this one’s definitely right up your alley. At the end of our post detailing our Ham and Pineapple […]

Ham and Pineapple Pizza on a Sweet Potato Crust

Last week, after I made Sweet Potato Garlic Knots, Neil was chomping at the bit to try the same dough out in a pizza crust. So on Sunday, after spending nearly the entire weekend in the kitchen working on our Pom Wonderful Dinner Party (post coming tomorrow!), we decided to drag ourselves in there one […]

Grilling in the Fall: BBQ Chicken Pizza

As you may have heard, we did not make it to Challenge #5 of Project Food Blog. We had a lot of fun, but we were kind of relieved to get out when we did. Our life is insanely busy enough, and the race to get a contest-worthy post done on the weekend was leaving […]