Working in a Castle

Sometimes I like to pretend the building I work in is really a castle. It’s pretty old school, 100-years old in fact. You’re never too old to play pretend right?


We got six inches of snow yesterday, and it’s still falling! Our cars are buried, the cats are enjoying fresh snow cones in their water, and for our little princess dog, it means very quick pee breaks and a quick torpedo run through the snow. He was so fast we could barely capture him with […]

Pups in Snowland!

We got a fantastic first snow last night. Just enough snow for some fun play, but not enough to keep us trapped inside. We’ve been pup-sitting Fred so we thought a good romp in the snow would be the perfect opportunity to get them both worn out. And they’re off! Clive leads the way! He […]

Our Healthified Thanksgiving Feasties

We had an incredible Thanksgiving down in Springfield with Neil’s family. Three wonderful days in the country with little connection to the outside world. Even though we are active bloggers, we value the precious little time we get off  and really took the holiday as a time-out for ourselves. We made no new blog posts, […]

First Blogging Conference in the Bag: Show Me the Blog St. Louis

Above: The homemade business cards I threw together right before the event. I was finally able to attend my first blogging conference, Show Me the Blog, in St. Louis this past weekend. I won a free ticket via Kate at Capturing Como, an amazing local blog that covers the happenings of Columbia outside Mizzou. I […]

A Proper Sun Cat


I’ve totally neglected writing up the rest of our trip in Montana. Life since has been insane and I feel like I’ve been swept off my feet and am truly just along for the ride. Looking at the pictures though, I still can’t believe we were at Glacier, and how used to the surroundings you […]

Some Clive Love

Neil’s cousin Austin took some amazingly cute shots of Clive last weekend during our Lake Trip. Clive is such a Boston and truly an “American Gentleman.”

“Dapper Hugo”

“Dapper Hugo” – Pig Dog Designs {via the Blah Blah Blahg}


He looks as if he should have a halo around that cute head. If he were that sweet and angelic all the time he wouldn’t be Felix. We love him.