Video and data logging for the budget racer

Video and data logging are both very useful tools. Not only to help you analyze your laps to learn why you were significantly faster on any one lap versus the other, but its also just plain cool to be able to show your friends and family your hobby in a meaningful way. The issue is […]

8-21-2013 Gateway Motorsports Park SCCA PDX

Another track day down! And boy this was a good one! This time the track day was a 1/2 day event that began around 3:30PM and ran until dark. I have never done one of these half day events but I have to say there are a few benefits to them over a full day. […]

The Z Transformation pt 2 – Autocross and Racing

As I left off in my previous post of this series, I wanted to continue my hobby in motorsports but I was very bored of straight-line quarter-mile racing. So I began to research my options. Thankfully, Springfield, MO had its own autocross chapter, so I joined the SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) and went to watch […]

05-08-2010 St. Louis PDX at Gateway International Raceway

This is my 5th track day and my 3rd year of doing these after about 4 years of autocross. These are just a few photos of the day. I suggest you check out the rest of the photos too. My cousin took these. He is only 14 years old and takes amazing shots, you really […]

Track day!

This weekend is finally here!  Track Day! There is something about getting up at 4:00am and being at the track when its still dark, the peacefulness before the roaring motors that will fill the rest of the day. I always get video and pictures of my events so stay tuned for that next week! If […]

Road racing videos worth watching

Below are some great vidoes of road racing! Amazing battle at the GT2 2009 finals, watch until the very end! Nissan GTR battles a 700hp mustang at Thunderhill, great driving! Part 2 Nissan 350z lapping at Watkins Glen, I strive to be this fast. Niagara PCA – Watkins Glen – 350z Onboard – October 2009 […]

08-29-2009 PDX Videos and Thoughts

STL SCCA PDX at Gateway International Raceway Driver: Neil Kohler Car: 2003 Nissan 350z *if videos are not up check back later, youtube has to process them, can take a couple hours* **Also, please view them in High Quality if possible, they are much better that way** Begin The day went well aside from a […]

4-25-2009 PDX Pictures, Videos, and thoughts

Race weekend at Gateway International Raceway I think they day went really well. The weather cooperated and it was pretty nice out. My goals for the weekend was to work on a faster race line, get my heel-toe shifting smoother, and just get more comfortable with my car and setup. By the end of the […]

10-19-2008 Gateway International Raceway PDX

This weekend was my second SCCA PDX event at Gateway International Raceway. We arrived at the hotel in Collinsville, IL Saturday afternoon and discovered that Jes forget her bag (doh!) so after a quick trip to Wal-Mart for the essentials we decided to grab some food.  Now Jes and I are not usually ones for […]