Pasta Stamps and Homemade Pasta

We just picked up a set of ravioli stamps and are thinking of trying our hand at homemade pasta this weekend. Have any ideas or tips for us?

Cataclysmic Macaroni and Cheese with Pancetta

Okay, there’s something you might not know about Neil and I. We game. Not football, or frisbee, or soccer or baseball, …computer games. I definitely never saw myself ever becoming a gamer. I’ve always been more of a movie nerd, or a memorizer of useless trivia. But as weird as it is to say, gaming […]

Pumpkin Baked Pasta with the Last of Our Wonderful Garden Chard

Ah the joys of cooking in the dark. It drives me crazy! Hopefully we’ll have that remedied soon (fingers crossed!) so I won’t have to continue spending hours tweaking and pulling light into my photos in order to make them presentable. Might have to try Ashley at Edible Perspective’s “Paper Towel Bounce” for the time […]

Hearty Fall Eggplant and Pepper Lasagna

It amazes me that just a year ago I was intimidated by lasagna. My mom never made it when we were little so I always assumed it was something complicated. It’s one of the easiest things I’ve ever made. Sure, it has to spend a lot of time in the oven getting awesome, but all […]

Spicy Pasta with Peppers and Sausage

This is another great “what do you have in your fridge?” recipe. We were almost home the other night when Neil asked “what should we have for dinner?” We had pasta. We had peppers. We had turkey sausage. Add diced tomatoes, garlic, a little seasoning and some red wine and vinaigrette and we were eating […]

Easy, Cheap, and Meatless but incredibly good: Chickpea and Parmesan Pasta

We all have those staple ingredients in our pantries that make cooking on weeknights easy and all the more delicious for being so. For us, pasta and chickpeas are always in our pantry, and last week we made the most incredible pasta we now feel is our duty to pass along to everyone who might […]

Couple more yummy dishes!

Since Jessica and I are on a more healthy and fresh food kick we came up with a couple of our own little recepies, both turned out really well and did not load you down and make you feel sluggish! First one is a bbq chicken wrap with many dark greens, and fresh carrotts, cucumber […]

Our new obsession: Macaroni and Cheese

Friday nights, when Neil gets into town, our ambition is either high or waning. Some Friday nights we make complicated pastas or sushi, but as of late we’ve been quite lazy. As such, we’ve found a wonderful new recipe that is beyond easy, CHEAP, and takes little time to prepare, leaving us plenty to game, […]