3 Months Postpartum

Yes, switching to months because the math is just easier. She’s three months old! She’s definitely not a teeny tiny newborn anymore (I packed up those clothes today), and in the past month I feel like she’s become a little fireball of development. She surprises us with something new every day. I read that babies […]

Eight Weeks Postpartum

Please Note: Currently 10 weeks, but with this post, I will be caught up with postpartum updates! Oh my god, I’m the mother of a 2-month-old. The last eight weeks seriously just disappeared. People do not kid, it flies by so quickly, and yet sometimes so so slowly. I’m honestly excited as the days pass though […]

Busy First Week in the Office

First off, thank you so much for sticking with us this week even though we’ve been completely absent online. It was not our intention but between me starting a new job and then us jetting out of town in the middle of the week for an awesome soccer game (that had us driving home at […]

Our Summer Reading List

I have been looking forward to summer for no other reason than reading something, anything, that has nothing to do with work or school. I’m embarrassed to say that the last time I was able to get through a book was Christmas. It’s shameful, but impossible to avoid it seems. I feel like there is […]

Weekend Recap: Floating on the Current River

On a whim, we decided to hit the Current River with a group of Neil’s friends this weekend. They are camping and floating weekend warriors, often starting as early as January and sometimes taking trips in late November as weather permits. With my crazy schedule this semester, this is the first time I’ve been able […]

Emergency Peanut Butter Cookies…

I have this recurring dream every few weeks. It’s nearing the end of the semester, classes are wrapping up, and I realize I’ve forgotten that I signed up for one and have not completed a single assignment. I have had this dream consistently since about middle school, and often, even when I have the dream […]

The Official Re-Launch of #Cookchat!

I know I’ve mentioned #Cookchat before, but I’m checking in this afternoon to announce the OFFICIAL relaunch of our casual cooking and food conversation to you. We’ve got some practice under our belt and are excited to embark on our spring schedule of great conversation topics. Join us this Sunday at 8:00 pm CST where […]

Meeting Ree Drummond – Pioneer Woman Book Signing (St. Louis Edition)

I’ve been squealing online for weeks about the Pioneer Woman book signing that happened in St. Louis over the weekend. I’m not a crazed PW fan or anything, but when your freelance and grad school ambitions keep you from getting out much (read: keep you from getting out at all), you tend to get excited […]

Weekend Recap: Hampered by the “Blegh” and the “Creeping Crud”

Good crud-time reading this weekend. I’m just getting around to this one… Neil and I have words for everything. We’re geeky gamers, and par for course we also work in IT, never see sunlight, and have little exposure to people and their germs—short of going to the gym and out to dinner once a week. […]

In a Fit of Nostalgia Today…

I’m having one of those weepy nostalgic days. Neil got a new job. Not in one of our dream cities yet, but nonetheless an upgrade and a better opportunity than his current job affords at a price that makes the economy and all its stresses a little easier to breathe in. I’m grateful. In the […]