Easy Veggie Artichoke and Olive Calzones and Shin Splints…

As soon as it gets cold, really cold, all I really want when we get home from work is bread, cheese and blankets. I have so little motivation and while bread and cheese surely tastes great, too much is definitely not an aid to our better health. So last night when I was craving calzones, […]

Ham and Pineapple Pizza on a Sweet Potato Crust

Last week, after I made Sweet Potato Garlic Knots, Neil was chomping at the bit to try the same dough out in a pizza crust. So on Sunday, after spending nearly the entire weekend in the kitchen working on our Pom Wonderful Dinner Party (post coming tomorrow!), we decided to drag ourselves in there one […]

Grilling in the Fall: BBQ Chicken Pizza

As you may have heard, we did not make it to Challenge #5 of Project Food Blog. We had a lot of fun, but we were kind of relieved to get out when we did. Our life is insanely busy enough, and the race to get a contest-worthy post done on the weekend was leaving […]

Hearty Fall Eggplant and Pepper Lasagna

It amazes me that just a year ago I was intimidated by lasagna. My mom never made it when we were little so I always assumed it was something complicated. It’s one of the easiest things I’ve ever made. Sure, it has to spend a lot of time in the oven getting awesome, but all […]

Guacamole Bruschetta

The crappiest part of fall is that the days are constantly growing shorter. Not good when you have a mostly food blog and your recipes are mainly things you make for dinner on weeknights. I’m gonna have to get crafty, or Neil and I might be eating appetizers all winter — not that there’s anything […]

Spicy Pasta with Peppers and Sausage

This is another great “what do you have in your fridge?” recipe. We were almost home the other night when Neil asked “what should we have for dinner?” We had pasta. We had peppers. We had turkey sausage. Add diced tomatoes, garlic, a little seasoning and some red wine and vinaigrette and we were eating […]

Half-Wheat Monster Calzones

What better way to start a recipe post than to show it half gone right? Last week my brother was raving about his “beefy calzones” and I knew I just had to make my own. I’ve never done a lot of bread baking other than pizza so this of course presented a new challenge to […]

Double Tomato Bruschetta

If you’re like us, you have a several recipes designated as staples for potlucks and parties. They are reliable, everyone loves them, and they are easy to make because you always have the ingredients. For us, Double Tomato Bruschetta always tops that list. Easy, light and full of flavor they are a hit and usually […]