Weekend Recap: Taming the Terror

A couple weeks after moving in, we dubbed this room “The Terror Room.” I’ve been told every new homeowner has one. It’s the extra room or spot where stuff ends up when it doesn’t fit anywhere else or requires more time than you have to sort out. The stuff you put off unpacking, gifts you […]

House Purchase #2: Bedroom Furniture

For the past few weeks since we moved in, we have been sleeping on a stacked mattress and box spring. Romantic huh? I left our old bed on the curb. We’ve wanted a new bed for some time, but with the move impending, and not wanting to risk damaging new furniture, we decided to wait […]

Space Saving Furniture Design

I can’t get over these furniture design concepts by Resource Furniture. As a minimalist constantly looking to maximize space and minimize clutter, designs like these are a dream come true! Have you done anything cool to save space around the house?


Bundt Cake Pan, under $1.00 Kettle, paid $.25 cents! Neil’s find, vintage napkin holder. Beautiful Silhouettes, apparently worth quite a bit more than I paid for them! My new bag! Score. That’s all I can say to describe this weekend! It was officially our last free weekend till August 1. There were so many things […]

Home Office Inspo

Now that our basement is clean I have it in my head to finally create a little corner for myself. I’m absolutely loving See Saw Design’s simple space with colorful accents and a clippings wall made from chicken wire. {Via Angela Hardison of See Saw Design}

My Weekend DIY-ness

As renters, we have a lot of what I would consider “transitional” furniture. You know, the stuff leftover from bachelor days and post-college moves (I’ve moved at least once a year since 2000). Being essentially nomadic and fixing your life around academia and the job market, it’s nearly impossible to ever make the move to […]

My Sweetgum Wreath

Many of you have probably seen Sweetgum fruit. If you have, you probably hate Sweetgum fruit with devout passion. That annoying prickly seed that plants itself in the grass and is impossible to rake up every spring, grr! My sweet 86 year-old dear Christian neighbor Virginia can be heard cursing them under her breath. I’ve […]

DIY Throw Pillows…Can I? Should I?

{via Apartment Therapy} {via The Stir} {via Design*Sponge} {via Unplgged} If you know even the slightest bit about Neil and I you know those last three would be DEAD ON appropriate for our living room. Here’s the thing. I love DIY, but I’m my own worst enemy. I can talk myself out of anything, especially […]

I want a Nook

Doesn’t this make you want to curl up for a nap? {via Darling Dexter}

Could You, Would You, Paint Your Kitchen Valentinesy Pink?

There are a lot of bold colors out there, but it takes a very special person, with some SERIOUS gonads to take on and live with a pink kitchen. In the ’90s era of country blue and dusty rose muave my parents were inspired to paint one of the bathrooms in our house, and it […]