CrossFit Fringe

Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Health and Fitness Voices program and have been provided with the Motorola Razr HD and six months of service in exchange for my honest review and opinions about the product. So if you’ve managed to keep up with us the past few weeks (hard, we’ve been everywhere but […]

Busy First Week in the Office

First off, thank you so much for sticking with us this week even though we’ve been completely absent online. It was not our intention but between me starting a new job and then us jetting out of town in the middle of the week for an awesome soccer game (that had us driving home at […]

Home Office Inspo

Now that our basement is clean I have it in my head to finally create a little corner for myself. I’m absolutely loving See Saw Design’s simple space with colorful accents and a clippings wall made from chicken wire. {Via Angela Hardison of See Saw Design}

Calling Cards for Video Game Lovers

I can’t get over these letterpress calling cards for Nate Conger. If you aren’t familiar with gaming, “first person shooter” refers to gaming that involves gun- and projectile- weapons that is viewed from a first-person perspective. {via Jordan Ferney @ Oh Happy Day}

Dave Matthews Band – Satellite

The rising and falling melody coupled with the percussion is absolutely blissful in this song. It was bright and sunny on my way to work this morning, and as I commuted through downtown it just set the mood for the whole day. To me, a part of Columbia will always be grunge and Dave Matthews. […]

Latest Freelance Work: The Thrifty Mama

We just completed an easy facelift for The Thrifty Mama. We also migrated her site to the new Headway engine for WordPress! Here is a small before shot. We’ve enjoyed working with Crystal on this project and hope everyone enjoys her new look and exciting usability additions. We look forward to working with her again […]

It’s Days Like Today…

…that I need a good kick in the pants and motivator to awesomeness. I designed this a while back when Neil was having “one of those weeks” at work. Now I feel I’m the one who needs the reminder. Available in Mint and other sizes.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day from Neil and I. I would have posted earlier, but I was trying to outnap the cats and work off the headache I got from sake and wine celebrating last night. Doesn’t this image remind you of Wes Anderson’s Life Aquatic? Especially this scene, which is my favorite: If you haven’t […]

Be My Frugal Valentine: Valentines to Love for Under $20

I think I knew that that I would grow up to be a designer before I even knew what a designer was. As a kid, I plotted the look of my Valentine’s Day cards all year. It was my chance to show people my art, and my Valentine’s were always unlike anything anyone else gave […]

Design School

I was just looking through a few of the images online from MOMA’s Bauhaus exhibition, and this one reminded me so much of my own design school memories that I had to post it. If you aren’t familiar with The Bauhaus, it was “the most influential school of avant-garde art, design, and architecture of the […]