A Buffet of the Non-Restaurant Persuasion

If you were on Twitter on Friday afternoon, you might have noticed that I was in full SQUEE over a buffet I had found on Craigslist. It was gorgeous, with beautiful original hardware and accents that match the general time period our house was built. I had to have this piece for our dining room […]

Black Bean Mango Stir Fry with Cilantro Lime Coconut Sauce

If you find yourself at the grocery store as often as we seem to be lately (sometimes we go just to look around — is that weird?), you’ve probably noticed that mangoes are CHEAP right now. Being that we have tons of random veggies around and we’re trying to eat on the cheap, I thought […]

We’re Outgrowing Our House: A Pantry Story

Eep! (Before) It’s a testament to our growing “foodie-ism” that we’re very quickly growing out of our kitchen, particularly the pantry. Stuffed to the gills with appliances, staples and canning supplies, every new “must try” over the past year has quickly depleted storage space in our already tiny kitchen. Because we hope to move in […]

POM Wonderful Dinner Pary – A Non-Traditional Holiday Feast

This past weekend, we hosted our Pom Wonderful Dinner Party that we told you about a little over a week ago. Although you might be vaguely familiar with the promotion from other participating bloggers (who by the way are completely rocking my WORLD with their entries), you might be a little entertained by how we […]

Our Finished DIY Sawhorse Table

So while I’m on the reckless tangent of not posting things up in a timely manner, I should probably offer a conclusion to another wayward post from back in July. You might remember over the Fourth of July holiday we were stranded at home and decided to tackle the project of building a table to […]

New Family Member

Kohler Created has finally added a full-sized coffee maker to the household. We used the last of our wedding gift cards (that we were hoarding like squirrels), and upgraded our pint-sized 2-cup maker to something that could handle our growing addiction. As of late with all the projects, my Starbucks addiction was getting out of […]

Keeping up with the Blogosphere Joneses

If Neil and I have learned one thing in our twenties it’s that saving money is a lifestyle. Making sacrifices every day on a greater scale is about making life choices about the things that really matter. In the world of blogs, money swirls everywhere. It’s in the huge amounts of advertising, products, sponsorships and […]

Vintage I didn’t have to find

Couldn’t resist the humor in this… I grabbed Neil while he was loading the dishwasher to model the new tablecloth. For all the jokes and horror-stories about mother-in-laws, my circumstances could not be any more different. My mother-in-law is my surrogate mother, and she knows me. Like, really knows me. She and I share a […]

Grocery “Budget Reform”: Part 1

One of my favorite bloggers (Never Home)maker recently endeavored to lower both her grocery bill and budget. She’s not the first. In a recession economy, thousands are looking to save where they can and we’ve seen the revival of spreadsheets and creative lists, as well as new tech tools to help. These are all awesome, […]

Be My Frugal Valentine: Ideas for a Dinner Date at Home

This is an actual photo of Neil’s and my first dinner date at home. We lived three hours apart and only saw each other on the weekends,  so every weekend was compressed to include everything we thought normal couples would do or would be doing during the week in a new relationship. I was a […]