Prayers for Joplin and Minneapolis

I snapped a few photos of the clouds last night after terrible storms ripped through our area. They were incredible, as was the sky, which blanketed our area in a glowing pink and gold sunset. Near Springfield, our friends were snapping photos of a beautiful rare double rainbow. It amazes us that amidst such terrible […]

Weekend Recap: Floating on the Current River

On a whim, we decided to hit the Current River with a group of Neil’s friends this weekend. They are camping and floating weekend warriors, often starting as early as January and sometimes taking trips in late November as weather permits. With my crazy schedule this semester, this is the first time I’ve been able […]

A Texas-style Bon Voyage to Blake

I don’t think any of us were in doubt that eventually the day would come when Blake would move away. You’re in a long distance relationship, you decide to look for jobs and eventually the right one comes along. And although Blake and I have always had a very surprising, non-traditional relationship (he’s my high […]

Meeting Ree Drummond – Pioneer Woman Book Signing (St. Louis Edition)

I’ve been squealing online for weeks about the Pioneer Woman book signing that happened in St. Louis over the weekend. I’m not a crazed PW fan or anything, but when your freelance and grad school ambitions keep you from getting out much (read: keep you from getting out at all), you tend to get excited […]

Dark Lord of the Snow

In the midst of Snowmageddon a dark lord descended upon Columbia… Ssssnnooooooowwwwwwwwww… There is no question in our mind that this has been the longest winter we’ve had in years. I know I say it every year but seriously, I really mean it this time! Every week the weather seemingly bounces from sunny and Spring-like to […]

Impulse Grocery Shopping

J.K’s Scrumpy Hard Cider and Samuel Smith’s Organic Cider It was a terrible—albeit giddy—idea to go to the grocery store after the gym. We were S-T-A-R-V-I-N-G, and what started as a quick trip for bread flour and essential gluten ended up netting us a few impulse items. Fresh Salad… Kashi Pizza… My best friend Rachel, […]

Snowyak anyone?

This is how our friends down in Springfield are enjoying the snowmageddon.

POM Wonderful Dinner Pary – A Non-Traditional Holiday Feast

This past weekend, we hosted our Pom Wonderful Dinner Party that we told you about a little over a week ago. Although you might be vaguely familiar with the promotion from other participating bloggers (who by the way are completely rocking my WORLD with their entries), you might be a little entertained by how we […]

A Working Weekend

The weekend is finally here, and although I’m stoked and grateful to be off work, I know we have a lot going on this weekend and plenty of projects to tackle. After several weeks of hard work, Neil’s beautiful 350z has been stripped and is ready to go off to the fabricator for its new […]

Our Weekend Halloweening

I won’t lie. My brain is still in weekend mode. Wasn’t it just Friday? How does it go so fast!? We had so much fun this weekend, even while pup-sitting Anja and Steve’s puggle Fred. He was a wiggly little handful, but Clive kind of took the brunt of his energy and this morning had […]