Meal Planning (5/17-5/23)

Meal Planning (5/17-5/23) - Kohler Created

So by the looks of it, Kaitlan has possibly TWO more teeth on the way. She’s been really amiable the past few days, so either the baltic amber teething necklace we picked up last week is working or we’re definitely going to be in for it. A friend at the gym swears by these necklaces, […]

Meal Planning (5/10-5/16)

BBQ Chicken - Kohler Created

Sorry for the delay on this week’s meal planning. We’ve had an interesting week. It started this weekend with Kaitlan developing a low-grade fever on Saturday afternoon. We didn’t think much of it, sometimes if she hits a growth spurt she spikes a bit, but then it continued into Sunday, then Monday, and on Tuesday […]

CrossFit: Memorial Day Murph!


Over the weekend, our CrossFit Box undertook the brutal “Murph” workout. Just look at it! A 1 mile run, followed by 100 pull ups, 200 push ups, and 300 air squats? Insanity. And to top it off, just when your legs feel like rubber from the 300 air squats, you have to finish the workout with […]

Zoom Zoom!


This weekend went fast, but thankfully, we maximized every minute of it. We had kind of an ambitious list of to-do’s. Training runs, workouts, car painting, a client website go-live and some hefty yard work. I worried we might have set our sights high with the hot weather in the forecast, but we pushed through, […]

The Juice is Loose!


A few weeks ago while working upstairs in the loft, we came across “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” on Netflix. We were immediately intrigued by the premise that a man had cured his weight-related health issues with a lifestyle change that involved a 60-day juice fast. That’s no small order. In the beginning of the […]

Veggie Stuffed Squash Boats


I have something to confess. Until making this dish, I’d never had spaghetti squash before. I know what you’re thinking, “For shame Jessica!” I know it’s pathetic, but hear me out. I didn’t grow up eating them, they were always purely decorative. At Halloween and Thanksgiving my aunts would place them on tables as centerpieces […]

At Home Take-Out: Healthified Szechuan Pork Stuffed Peppers


I feel like our kitchen avoidance dinner posts are becoming almost a broken record. This Summer heat is unrelenting! We have tons of yard work and new bedding plants that are sorely being neglected and the lawn looks like it has some form of mange. I’m starting to think the only season that can truly […]

Overnight Cinnamon Rolls


If you were on Twitter Tuesday night, you may have noticed I spent the entire night baking and prepping breakfast for my first meeting with my new department staff at work the following morning. It wasn’t anything groundbreaking, just a nice double-batch of homemade cinnamon rolls — or at least that’s what I thought. When […]

Mini Projects: Cereal Edition


We’re quickly learning that when you undertake a massive project like an older home, it is necessary to interject some fun and easy projects between the larger ones so as not to lose your sanity and/or marriage. After reeling from news last week that we will most likely have to rewire our entire house over […]

Pizza Caprese with Spinach?


As of late, I feel like our meals are really reflecting our priorities. While good food and fun meals are still important, our desire to squeeze every last minute out of this summer has us making much simpler meals than we typically do. The fourth of July holiday always marks the midpoint of summer in […]