Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s day to the best fathers any two “kids” could ask for! I am definitely my father’s daughter, and Neil is almost a clone of his dad. Cheers to Dad’s everywhere!

Prayers for Joplin and Minneapolis

I snapped a few photos of the clouds last night after terrible storms ripped through our area. They were incredible, as was the sky, which blanketed our area in a glowing pink and gold sunset. Near Springfield, our friends were snapping photos of a beautiful rare double rainbow. It amazes us that amidst such terrible […]

Happy Mother’s Day

Being married is awesome because you get twice the families and twice the mom love. For all the craziness in our lives, they are always there to tell us when to slow down and  when to make the next move. Happy Mother’s Day!

We’re Back! But First, a Little Holiday Recap…

We are back after a whirlwind trip to Minnesota for the holidays. If you remember, the weather ruined our plans to travel last year, so we were eager and past due for a good visit with family. It was so weird exchanging brown and rainy Missouri for buried and snowy Minnesota. It was the most […]

Oh Christmas Shrub, Oh Christmas Shrub,…

With finals now over, Neil and I finally got a chance to put up our tree. And it took all of…twenty minutes. Being that we’re persistently nomadic for the time being (I’ve moved at least once a year since 2000) and currently renting in the hopes of swapping states in the coming year, we’ve opted […]

My Newfound Scanner Addiction

My mom and her siblings. She’s on the far left. Can you see the resemblence? People say I’m a carbon copy of her and that she’s a carbon copy of my grandpa. My dad’s high school picture. My Mom and Dad with my first pup Sammy, circa 1980-1981 My Grandparents and I soon after I […]

Happy Birthday Eric!

Happy 27th Birthday to my brother Eric. They don’t make them better…or weirder.

Unsolicited Wedding Advice

A snippet of the official photos from my cousin Nate and Sarah’s wedding back in June. Too cute, and I’m envious of their photographer. My advice: Hire a good photographer. Spare the extra expense. If you get a funky vibe, your intuition is probably right.

Happy Birthday to Neil and My Dad

So Neil and my Dad share the same birthday. Too much awesome for one day? Possibly. Neil is turning 29 and my dad is turning 62. They are so similar that it seems almost too perfect that they also share the same birthday. For one, they are the funniest people you will ever meet. Both […]

Nate and Sarah’s Wedding Weekend

We had a blast at my cousin’s wedding in Minnesota this weekend. It’s always an awesome time seeing my family. Throughout all the changes, the moves, and distance, they are a constant and an amazing support system to both Neil and I. The weather this weekend however, was the complete opposite. I’ve never been under […]