A little training update

Can I even call what I do training anymore? I always emphasize to athletes at the box that they need to constantly evaluate their training and goals, and document their development wherever possible. I’m obviously terrible at taking my own advice, because I haven’t done that in months. But since I’m coming out of what […]

Breastfeeding with a busy active lifestyle: 7 weeks

I’ve received requests for various topics in the postpartum realm, and a popular one has been breastfeeding with a busy active lifestyle that includes working full-time, running and consulting on several businesses and trying to fit in CrossFit training for myself. At 7 weeks, I am definitely not an expert, but I wanted to update you […]

CrossFit: Memorial Day Murph!

Over the weekend, our CrossFit Box undertook the brutal “Murph” workout. Just look at it! A 1 mile run, followed by 100 pull ups, 200 push ups, and 300 air squats? Insanity. And to top it off, just when your legs feel like rubber from the 300 air squats, you have to finish the workout with […]

Scenes From Our Weekend

The weather was almost summer-like this weekend, which in Missouri seems to be as close as you can ever get to Spring. To think that just over a week ago we had snow is mind boggling, but we definitely wanted to capitalize on the brief glimpse of spring while it was here. On Saturday we […]

One of those weeks…

We’re having one of those weeks. Have you had any of these recently? The kind where every minute is filled with at least ten things and you need 5 lists just to keep yourself on track? In addition to preparations for Steve and Anja’s wedding this weekend, we’ve been busy with freelance clients, my first […]

Running Report: Five Things I’ve Learned as a Newbie Runner So Far…

I’ve been learning the RICE method of recovery for my ankle. Despite my current appearance (slimmer), I’m not a long-time athlete or even active person. I never played high school sports, was never in youth-league sports and didn’t really grow up in what I would consider an active household. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve […]

About that Weight Loss…

I was recently interviewed by Siel at Green LA Girl about a comment I left on a blog stating I had success losing weight by eliminating frozen/boxed food from my diet. She initially asked if she could simply just read my story on my blog and it was only then that I realized I have never […]

Body Combat

I’m currently trying to explain to one of my best friends in Colorado where the hell I was last  night. Usually I code and set up all my blog posts at night (so I can kinda of you know, work my full-time job during the day) but I couldn’t move last night so I spent […]

First Impressions: Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shred

This has been on my list of workout DVD’s to try for months. I don’t resort to DVD’s that often but when the house is cold, it’s an off day at the gym, or your husband signed up for a medical study that measures nitrates in his blood and he’s not allowed to work out […]

Not all Running Shoes are Created Equal

I am admittedly a newbie runner. If you had asked me even a year ago what shoes were best for running, I would have pointed to anything that wasn’t a pump or sandal. I believed that whatever enabled you to run without feeling the rocks or broken glass got the green light. I stand very […]