How-To: 02-2008 Jeep Liberty window regulator replacment

If you have a Chrysler/Jeep anywhere from 2002-2008 I guarantee that at some point you are going to one day try to roll up the window, hear a pop, and the window no longer goes up or down with the switch. Almost every time this is a window motor regulator that has failed. Where it […]

DIY PVC Parallettes for CrossFit Workouts

As you might have seen in our “Murph” post and a few of my weekly pregnancy recaps, I’m currently doing push-ups with the assistance of PVC parallettes. They allow me to feel more secure in reaching full-depth without getting my growing belly close to the ground. We have a set at the gym, but over […]

House project baby steps

Huge working weekend for us last weekend preparing the house for baby, alternatively titled “stuff we should have done much sooner.” And while we didn’t get it all done, we definitely covered a lot of ground. After coaching my favorite 8 AM Free CrossFit class on Saturday morning and a breakfast of egg burritos, we […]

How To: Change the differential fluid on a Nissan 350Z

Today I will show you what you will need to change the differential fluid on a Nissan 350Z. Mine is a 2003 but this tutorial will work for any 350Z and 370Z and will translate well to many other vehicles. Most people do not know that your differential needs fresh fluid bi-annually, especially if you […]

The End of an Era

Well that sounds kind of foreboding doesn’t it? It’s actually a good thing! As of yesterday, all of the ’80s kitchen appliances are GONE! Before: Now: As expected, the old Jenn-Air didn’t go down without a fight. The gas line was placed right up next to the wall making getting a pipe wrench on it […]


Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Health and Fitness Voices program and have been provided with the Motorola Razr HD and six months of service in exchange for my honest review and opinions about the product. First, thank you so much for your kind words about my grandma and new job direction. Admittedly, I […]

Taming the terror.

My mom is currently in New Ulm visiting my aunt and uncle, and she asked if I would take a few pictures of the furniture we received from my grandparents estate as it looks in our house. Even though it’s forever a work in progress, things are shaping up quite nicely over here, so I […]

Hit the brakes! How to replace your brakes and rotors yourself

In our persistent pursuit to save money and cut unnecessary expenses wherever possible, few areas have net us both extreme success and failure quite like car maintenance. While Neil’s skills in the garage have enabled us to do roughly 98% of our own maintenance (saving hundreds of dollars in labor + equipment), his auto racing […]

Weekend Recap: Taming the Terror

A couple weeks after moving in, we dubbed this room “The Terror Room.” I’ve been told every new homeowner has one. It’s the extra room or spot where stuff ends up when it doesn’t fit anywhere else or requires more time than you have to sort out. The stuff you put off unpacking, gifts you […]

Mini Projects: Cereal Edition

We’re quickly learning that when you undertake a massive project like an older home, it is necessary to interject some fun and easy projects between the larger ones so as not to lose your sanity and/or marriage. After reeling from news last week that we will most likely have to rewire our entire house over […]