Eight Weeks Postpartum

Kaitlan - Kohler Created

Please Note: Currently 10 weeks, but with this post, I will be caught up with postpartum updates! Oh my god, I’m the mother of a 2-month-old. The last eight weeks seriously just disappeared. People do not kid, it flies by so quickly, and yet sometimes so so slowly. I’m honestly excited as the days pass though […]

2014 Barbells for Boobs

Barbells for Boobs - Kohler Created

First, thank you so much for all the love for Felix. He was such an awesome cat and I while I know that all pets have to leave us sometime, I wish our vet would have caught the signs of diabetes that our second-opinion vet said were very clear and would have been seen a […]

Four Weeks Postpartum

4 weeks postpartum - Kohler Created

Please Note: Currently 8 weeks postpartum. I am woefully behind on these. Bear with me as I catch up! I can’t believe we are at four weeks postpartum already! I’d always heard parents lament about time moving way too fast, but they were right, it really does. And things really do change fast. Four weeks […]

One year later

Kaitlan Prugger - Kohler Created

It’s been one year since Kaitlan died. On one hand, I can’t believe it, but on the other I know it because I literally think of her every day — especially since my Kaitlan was born. Parenting is the ultimate in highs and lows, fear and exultation. One minute you are imagining the adventures you’ll […]

Two Weeks Postpartum

2 weeks postpartum - Kohler Created

Disclaimer: For some, writing openly about nutrition, diet, weight loss and a return to fitness postpartum is controversial. If you find this post triggering or off-putting, feel free to pass these posts by when they appear. Everyone’s journey is different in unique, and while I definitely don’t intend to make anyone feel bad or question […]

CrossFit in 3rd trimester

Inov-8 Fastlift 335

I thought I’d update you guys on how workouts are going since I haven’t really made them part of the weekly updates in a while. It’s mostly because I’ve been talking about the child preparation classes and house prep we’ve been doing for MK and tacking them onto the end of the posts feels like […]

Memorial Day CrossFit “Murph” WOD

CrossFit Fringe - Jefferson City CrossFit - Murph

I can’t believe this is already the third year of doing “Murph” for Neil! It was only my second year (the first year I did a half-marathon over Memorial Day weekend), but it’s something we definitely look forward to every year. Not only is it a way to connect with our CrossFit community, many of […]

My Pregnancy Nutrition, Smart or Controversial?

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup - Kohler Created

I think it goes without saying that expectant parents want the best for their unborn children. However I personally think not all parents are aware just how big of a role they can play while their child is in utero. Nutrition is a key area, and during pregnancy a conscious attention to diet (or way […]

Friday Link-Up

Kaitlan Kohler Ultrasound - Kohler Created

Big news that I wanted to share ahead of actually getting a full weekly recap up: we’re having a little girl! The ultrasound tech was right! We are so excited! If she’s anything like me, I’m definitely in for it. Hopefully she’ll forgive me for posting her lady parts on the internet. We also got […]

19 Weeks Pregnant: Is it time for a checklist?

Pregnancy & Birth Checklists - Kohler Created

Being 19 weeks pregnant has initiated a gut reality check that I am halfway through and that on the other side of what feels like a few mere weeks, I (and Neil of course) will be responsible for another human being. There are so many books, checklists, and things to do, that it feels completely […]