2015 Women’s Health Action Hero

2015 Women's Health Action Hero - Kohler Created

A few weeks ago, I received exciting news from Women’s Health Magazine that I had been selected as a Women’s Health Action Hero again for 2015. I reapplied on a whim and told them about the past year of CrossFit and how it allowed me to continue to train and be active through pregnancy and postpartum. I really enjoyed my […]

6 Month Update

Kaitlan - Kohler Created

Ack! Time really got away from me in month 6 and now we are halfway through month 7 and I’m just getting around to writing this update. I used to think of the 6-month mark often during pregnancy and especially during the first few months of parenthood. I saw it as this outlying benchmark of […]

Learning from Legend

Elisabeth Akinwale Seminar - Kohler Created

Over the weekend, I had the extreme fortune of attending a seminar with 4x CrossFit Games competitor Elisabeth Akinwale. It’s rare we get these types of opportunities in our area. We’re not remote, but we’re 2 hours from both St. Louis and Kansas City, so a little outlying. I was excited not only because someone […]

Start ‘em early

Neighborhood walk - Kohler Created

So as I mentioned in our weekly meal planning post, the schedule at our gym has changed, pushing childcare back to the 6:30 pm class, which some parents might know puts us dangerously close to the “witching hour.” I think the biggest thing I overlooked going into parenting is that going to bed is a […]

5 Month Update

Kaitlan 5 month update! - Kohler Created

Yup, officially dropping the postpartum, these updates are all about Beeb! Here is her 5 month update: Month 5 has probably been the most significant month developmentally yet. She hit this week about halfway through where it felt like she became a completely different person. She rolled over, started using syllables, gained a neck, and […]

CrossFit Open Intramural FRENZY


Happy Wednesday everyone! It’s been a blitz of a week so far! The 2015 CrossFit Open starts this week and while it’s always met with a warm response from our gym, it’s never been anything overwhelming. Until this year. I can’t even remember what day it was, but a week and a half ago, Tyler (one […]

Week 3: Whole30/Nutrition Challenge

kaitlan eating cauliflower - Kohler Created

I ate my weight in salad and meat last week — and loved every minute of it. For me, being half-way through any challenge marks a shift in mindset from survival to planning ahead. I hit a rough patch about midway through the week, but when I came out on the other side (despite a […]

Vitamin D

Pork Butt - Kohler Created

A few random ditties from the weekend. We had an absolutely gorgeous weekend! After getting down into the negatives last week, it got to nearly 70 on Saturday! We got outside and took a really long walk. Kaitlan is officially old enough for the front-facing attachment on the stroller — and she LOVES it. She […]

Week 2: Whole30/Nutrition Challenge

bacon-wrapped pineapple - Kohler Created

Week 2 feels much calmer than week 1, isn’t that always the case? While it still wasn’t perfect, I feel more motivated because I’m feeling the results. And I think I know why. We were having a discussion on our Challenge Facebook group and one of our members hit my biggest issue on the head: […]

Week 1: Whole30/Nutrition Challenge

Whole30/Nutrition Challenge: Week 1 - Kohler Created

Well — it didn’t go as I hoped, but I’ve managed to do okay, mostly thanks to Neil’s cooking. We kind of went into this week on the fly because we are finally fixing the storm damage to our ceiling and as a result didn’t get a lot of planning/prep in. Additionally Kaitlan and I […]