19 Weeks Pregnant: Is it time for a checklist?

Pregnancy & Birth Checklists - Kohler Created

Being 19 weeks pregnant has initiated a gut reality check that I am halfway through and that on the other side of what feels like a few mere weeks, I (and Neil of course) will be responsible for another human being. There are so many books, checklists, and things to do, that it feels completely […]

18 Weeks Pregnant: The Big Reveal…or Not

Paleo Lunch Salad - Kohler Created

18 weeks pregnant! If you follow me around social media, you might have seen me mention that this was the big week we were supposed to find out what we are having. It’s not critical information, but I was excited to find out. Having to call the baby “it” or “they” gets old rather quickly, […]

Heidi Klum (HKNB) for New Balance Review


As you know, I was recently chosen to be a Women’s Health Action Hero for 2014. Part of that opportunity encompasses raising money and awareness for Run 10 Feed 10, and the other is a more traditional ambassadorship program. One of the first opportunities we’ve been given as ambassadors is to review workout gear from […]

CrossFit during Pregnancy: First Trimester

Jessica Kohler - CrossFit Fringe - Columbia MO

6 weeks pregnant Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional, nor do I advocate my experience is right for everyone. Please consult a doctor before embarking on any new fitness regimen, especially during pregnancy.  Yes. CrossFit during pregnancy. I’m sure those two words alone will set my blog up for SEO for quite a while […]

First Trimester Pregnancy Recap

Pregnancy - First Trimester Recap - Kohler Created

First, thank you so much for all your wonderful comments and messages. They mean so much and they just made that week all the more special. It’s exciting to be out in the open now and able to share this experience! I don’t even know how to approach writing about pregnancy. On one hand, I’d […]

2014 Women’s Health Action Hero


A few weeks ago, I received an unexpected by exciting email from Women’s Health Magazine that I had been selected as a Women’s Health Action Hero for 2014. They had a call for essays several months ago, and on a whim I wrote about my experiences with fitness over the years, and how CrossFit has […]

How do I say this…


I have been toiling over this post for a few weeks now. I’m not clever. I’m not cute. I don’t have anecdotes and although life hasn’t really been that different, it has been in one major way… Yes, true to the sense of humor of these of two IT professionals, I felt this was the […]

Battle in the Bluffs + Rant


So fun weekend in Council Bluffs (basically Omaha), IA for the Battle in the Bluffs competition. Here are some pics from our time (my rant is at the bottom): Oh Andrew… Makenzie with a 55-lb dumbbell snatch Andrew getting impressively low in a pistol Stacie Tovar Thor, AKA Jared Stevens from CrossFit 417 did these […]

Battle in the Bluffs

CrossFit Fringe Battle in the Bluffs

I’m off to Council Bluffs, IA (near Omaha) with Erica, Nate and Michelle to watch these awesome people compete this weekend in Battle in the Bluffs. Excited to be a spectator and to enjoy the calm before the big CrossFit Open storm hits. Life is so much different than last year! Since my brother lives in […]

We are done with Whole30, now what?

Whole 30 Salad

Ack! Time just gets away from me during the week. I’ve been working on a writing intensive project at work, and by the time I am through with my day, all I want to do is work out and read books. I’ve been reading voraciously lately — but that’s another post. My ginormous salad and […]