Friday Link-Up

Family holiday photo outtake. I’m special… It was so nice to relax and catch up with my Google Reader over the holiday break. It has been the unfortunate victim of my travel and work schedule, and has had the dismal “1000+” sitting next to my “All Entries” for far too long. Having around 500 RSS […]

Mini Projects: Cereal Edition

We’re quickly learning that when you undertake a massive project like an older home, it is necessary to interject some fun and easy projects between the larger ones so as not to lose your sanity and/or marriage. After reeling from news last week that we will most likely have to rewire our entire house over […]

Our First Renaissance Fair

Announcing the battles to the audience He’s down! Apparently there were Boston Terriers around during the Renaissance! Here’s Clive meeting his ancestor Brody for the first time. Apparently the name Brody has been around longer than we thought. The Olde-English version of ‘Castaway.’ Ye Wilson! Clive met a girl Anne Boleyn was learning how to […]

Why I Need to Learn Knitting: Knitted Pups

I know these are way beyond what I could ever hope to master, but I love them anyway. Especially that bulldog! {via Craft}

Veggies to Cuddle

These adorable fruit and veggie baskets from Ikea are so cute I can barely stand it. The veggies are especially adorable don’t you think? {via Meg Kat}

Origami Roman

I hope to share a little more about our packing for Montana later in the day. I would have been more on the ball, but I’ve been distracted by my over 1k unread blog posts in Google Reader. How cute are these origami animals from Origami Roman? I’m in awe! I love paper bears, but […]

Our Fourth of July Weekend

Paint!? Okay, let me explain. This weekend we got a lesson in making plans. Sometimes the plans you make are not the plans that happen. Sometimes what you think is cement is water, and all you can do is make the best with what you’ve got. Our original plans to head south to Springfield for […]

My Sweetgum Wreath

Many of you have probably seen Sweetgum fruit. If you have, you probably hate Sweetgum fruit with devout passion. That annoying prickly seed that plants itself in the grass and is impossible to rake up every spring, grr! My sweet 86 year-old dear Christian neighbor Virginia can be heard cursing them under her breath. I’ve […]


What will they think of next? Dessert Sushi made from Rice Krispie treats, Fruit by the Foot and dismembered peeps. From the genius entries to Peeps Week over at Serious Eats. I only wish I had more time this week to participate. Alas, maybe next year.

Be My Frugal Valentine: Valentines to Love for Under $20

I think I knew that that I would grow up to be a designer before I even knew what a designer was. As a kid, I plotted the look of my Valentine’s Day cards all year. It was my chance to show people my art, and my Valentine’s were always unlike anything anyone else gave […]