Clive’s Winter Jacket

If you haven’t noticed already, Clive has…a wardrobe. He just fits so well into toddler-sized clothes, that we can’t help but stroll the baby sections of stores sometimes. People probably think we have a child, and…well I guess we kind of do? I’m not sure what they’d think if we told them we were shopping […]

I Love Skirt

I love the knee length flowing skirts. Seriously. {via Lauren Moffatt’s 2010 Collection}


We cleaned the basement today. Went through every box. We sorted, organized and got rid of a lot things we weren’t using. I came across this little sweatshirt, a relic of my baby brother’s wardrobe, on one of my old dolls and immediately thought….CLIVE! Most dogs hate wearing clothes, Clive doesn’t mind at all. He’s […]

I Like, But I Might Need…

After being spoiled for weeks with near-summer temperatures, the past week has been absolutely dreadful. It feels like winter has returned. I’ve pulled the blankets back out of the closets, but have so far resisted the urge to pull out the slippers I tucked away a few weeks ago. Our neighborhood is a marsh, with […]

Polaroid Scarves

I’ve never really ventured into scarves other than the fuzzy ones I wear in the winter. But I adore these by Phillipe Roucou, too bad the price is :drumroll: $450 {images via Reborn, found via Seesaw}

Man vs. Wild: The Gear

Most of you know by now that we opted not to get a cable/TV subscription when we moved into our house. It was not only a matter of trying to be more frugal but a lifestyle choice we endeavored to make. We were always watching more TV than we intended to and a lot of […]


Well after a seasonably warm Thanksgiving, the first week of the holiday season has plunged us into winter. Working in an office built in 1904, I am literally lusting after these gorgeous wool sweaters from Granted. I love the old-style collared sweaters with traditional patterns and imagery. I think this type of sweater has a […]