Clive’s done it again

So I still owe you a race recap. I had hoped to finish and publish it last night, but we had a little emergency with Clive. Neil was making dinner (Fajita bowls – amazing, will share) and lost grip on an avocado pit and it fell on the floor, where of course Clive proceeded to […]

Boston Terrier Tug of War!

A funny video of Clive and Matilda playing tug of war to get you through your mid week! Enjoy!

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Kohlers! (Longer post sans creepy Instagrams to follow.)

Flight of the Weekend

Is it just me or did this weekend just fly by? I’m so not ready for work tomorrow. I feel like weeks in January and February take forever, but the weekends feel like mere hours long. It’s so unfair! At least we’ve all but tied up January, and albeit short, this weekend was pretty productive. […]

The Sleep Business

Bedtime is serious business for the four-legged boys in our house. Every night after they’ve had their dinner, Felix and Clive immediately start trying to “motivate” us to go to bed. Clive whines incessantly, and Felix opens and slams kitchen cabinets. Eventually, Neil “reluctantly” makes his way downstairs and ends up laying in bed with […]

A Little Thursday Clive DERP

Lately, as the weather cools down, Clive has rekindled his love of running FAST, which means photographed expressions of his FULL DERP! We let him out the front door to pee, and he just does laps upon laps around the house. His eyes almost glaze over and I’m so scared he’s going to smack into a […]

Clive’s New Collar

I know I promised our Kimchi Fish Taco recipe today, but I couldn’t help but share this first. We got our already spoiled Clive-dog a new collar. We make a huge deal out of everything we buy him, so when it came time to replace his collar, I spent weeks toiling over websites for the […]

White Bean and Garlic Dip and the Yucky Side of Moving…

Clive looks as if he’s pleading for you to take him away from us. I can’t say that I blame him. The boxes have completely taken over the house and it’s stressing poor Clive out. The cats on the other hand love it, and every box has dents in the middle where the cats have […]

Naptime Karma

Neil was making fun of my frequency to nap on Saturdays earlier. Let me rephrase. Neil teased me unrelentingly about my frequency to nap on Saturdays earlier. Oh how the mighty have fallen…

Weekend Recap: Floating on the Current River

On a whim, we decided to hit the Current River with a group of Neil’s friends this weekend. They are camping and floating weekend warriors, often starting as early as January and sometimes taking trips in late November as weather permits. With my crazy schedule this semester, this is the first time I’ve been able […]