It’s Too Hot to Cook! Sesame Chicken Lettuce Wraps

I don’t know what it’s like where you are, but summer has hit Missouri like a punch in the mouth. We went from rainy, seasonably cool temperatures to mid-nineties and very humid seemingly overnight. I seriously considered shaving my head for about 2 hours last night until I remembered that I have to start my […]

How About a Little Cashew Tofu?

In the spirit of thorough experimentation, we decided to make Cashew Tofu on Saturday night. Just as yummy as it’s poultry sibling from the other night, but definitely a different taste experience. For one, you definitely have to double-batter the tofu to give it the same crispness that compliments the smooth sauce so well, which […]

Homesick Curing Springfield-Style Cashew Chicken

The end of my second-to-last semester in grad school is finally in sight. Relief and time off are just a few weeks away! We have been so busy this semester. Notice I said “we” and not “I.” Even though Neil isn’t in school, he is often the innocent bystander who falls victim to my coursework. […]

Scenes from Our Weekend: Spinach and Cheddar Stuffed Chicken Breasts and Hasselbeck Potatoes

This weekend was gorgeous, simply gorgeous. With two client go-lives this week and a mountain of homework I feel like we didn’t see much of it, but we maximized our outdoor time when we could with lots of Clive time, a little garage and yard clean-up and some bbq! I really overexposed this photo, but […]

Spicy Baked Buffalo Chicken Wraps

One of our most popular posts to date (according to analytics) is our recipe for Baked Chicken Fingers. They were an accidental success we’ve since made countless times over, and I think they’ve been a hit especially with parents because they are a super quick and easy and a much healthier alternative to their fried […]

Accidental Dinner Success! Chicken in Champagne Cream Sauce

When the snowstorm hit on Monday, the roads and the people on them became dangerous almost instantly. People were sliding everywhere, driving either way too slow or too fast, slamming on the brakes, transforming our town into an open bumper car course of stupid. The last place Neil or I wanted to be was among […]

Asian Spicy and Sweet Chili Sauce Wings

So last weekend while I was busy studying for the GRE, Neil treated me to a favorite of ours, homemade wings. I love these because they are baked and lightly glazed, therefore healthier and more flavorful than some of the varieties we’ve had at restaurants. They are also incredibly easy to make. While I was […]

Spicy White Chicken Chili

This is by far, our favorite winter crock pot recipe. We traditionally make it on New Years as the main dish, and it is always a hit. You can mash up some of the beans and add a few pinches of flour if you like it a bit more thick. I have found that if […]

Couple more yummy dishes!

Since Jessica and I are on a more healthy and fresh food kick we came up with a couple of our own little recepies, both turned out really well and did not load you down and make you feel sluggish! First one is a bbq chicken wrap with many dark greens, and fresh carrotts, cucumber […]