Vegan Cinnamon Raisin Pull-Apart Bread

For whatever reason, we have been obsessed with breakfast lately. Where granola bars or a packet of oatmeal used to suffice without a second thought, we’ve been making full breakfasts of eggs, bacon and breakfast breads. Real breakfast, almost as if every weekend morning was a celebration of surviving another week. And as I’m ever-inspired […]

Because Beer + Bread = Awesome, No-Knead Crusty Pale Ale Bread

It was only a matter of time before beer found it’s way into the mix of my bread making obsession (evidence here, here and here). And this weekend I just happened to have one lonely Sierra Nevada Pale left that begged to be used for a loaf of crusty pot bread. Well it didn’t beg, […]

Super Veggie Vegan Enchiladas

Back in my “bachelor” days, my roommate and I would once in a blue moon make a grand dinner. One of our favorite recipes to make was enchiladas. Filling and delicious and inexpensive to make they were comprised of essentially cheap meats, cheese, enchilada sauce, and tortillas. It was for those reasons that they immediately […]

Peanut Butter Cup Brownies for Lent

What’s that? You can’t eat these!? You gave up chocolate for Lent?? Wow. Well these are pretty much chocolate Peanut-Buttery awesome that’s too bad. This is the brownie recipe that is slowly making the rounds in my social circle. Serve it at an event and everyone will want the recipe. I don’t typically make a […]

Half-Wheat Monster Calzones

What better way to start a recipe post than to show it half gone right? Last week my brother was raving about his “beefy calzones” and I knew I just had to make my own. I’ve never done a lot of bread baking other than pizza so this of course presented a new challenge to […]

Friday Night Vegetarian Baked Tostadas

Friday nights for Neil and I are always about dinner with the least path of resistance. We make fun stuff during the week, we experiment with food on the weekends, but Friday night it’s whatever gets us fed and to our computers fastest for a night of gaming. We improvised last week and came up […]

Double Tomato Bruschetta

If you’re like us, you have a several recipes designated as staples for potlucks and parties. They are reliable, everyone loves them, and they are easy to make because you always have the ingredients. For us, Double Tomato Bruschetta always tops that list. Easy, light and full of flavor they are a hit and usually […]

Vegan Chocolate Banana Cake

I meant to post this Friday afternoon but got caught up at work. We purchased a few e-readers for the office (yay!) and I had to register and set them up. Let me just say that these are addictive devices and if you you are as much of a bookworm as I am then approach […]

Vegan Banana Walnut Chocolate Chip Bread

I will admit to you now that I am a shameless bargain hunter. I can spot a sales tag from 500 yards. I know the retail seasons and what is on sale or clearance and when. Best of all, I’ve figured out when all the markdowns are at our local grocery store. Today, there were […]

Our baked Jalapeño popper creation!

So we had a lot of left over jalapeños from the garden and we really did not want them to go to waste so being that I love spicy food I suggested we try making our own jalapeno poppers! Well, when searching for the right recipe I was really not too excited about making a meal that […]