6th Anniversary/Baby’s First Trip to Estes Park

Wanted to do a little “photo dump” of our vacation before it all left my short-term memory! When we were weighing the “if/when” of vacationing with Kaitlan this year, we knew going in that she wouldn’t remember any of it, and that it was mostly an experience for us. Still, we wanted something that day-to-day she’d […]

BWCA Day 3: Great Views

(If you’re just checking into our Boundary Water’s trip, be sure to check out Days 1 and 2 first!) One of the highlights of our trip (for me anyway) was Neil’s breakfasts. Every morning, he was the first up, making breakfast or brewing coffee for us while getting things ready for the day. We had […]

BWCA Day 2: Donuts and Relaxation

(If you’re just checking into our Boundary Water’s trip, be sure to check out Day 1 first!) I love that typically our first day on vacation is a lazy and laid-back one. After fighting a losing battle to sleep in with the morning sunshine, we crawled out of our tents around 8:00 and immediately started […]

BWCA Day 1: On the Road

We’re back! We had a wonderfully relaxing trip to the Boundary Waters, and I’m already looking forward to our next trip back, hopefully a little deeper into the woods to explore more of the rivers and backcountry. Toes first, legs next right? A little back story since I left you all mostly hanging last week. […]

Our Long Lost Friend

Pizza! Can you believe I haven’t made a pizza crust in almost a year!? We ate so much pizza before going mostly Paleo (80/20 with our cheat days) that I could almost throw together a crust with my eyes closed. This time however, I had to double-check the recipe. Our pizza tastes have definitely changed […]

2012: The Year of ?

Yay! It’s that time again, New Year’s resolutions! I’ll be honest, I totally forgot what we even resolved to do last year, so it has obviously not been at the forefront of our priorities. But that doesn’t mean we didn’t move any mountains. Let’s first tackle our list from last year: {New Bikes this spring!} […]

We are back!

We managed not to get eaten by any bears! However this attack in Yellowstone (be it across the state, but in the same state) leaves you a bit unnerved. Expect a post on Monday with tons of pictures of our vacation in Glacier National Park, Montana!

First Camping Trip of the Year!

In a completely random moment that is not uncommon for Neil and I, we’ve decided to run away to Arkansas this weekend for a weekend backpacking trip in the Ozark Mountains along the Buffalo River. I can’t wait to drag out all the gear, try out the new stuff, and get excited for our summer […]