3-29-2014 Gateway Motorsports Park NASA HPDE

20140330-John Hiatt IV-3186

Coverage from the weekend elsewhere on the web: All videos of laps from the weekend  Photos from the weekend! FINALLY! After a very, very long winter it is finally here: my first track weekend of 2014! The opening weekend just happened to take place at Gateway Motorsports Park in Collinsville, IL. I am very familiar […]

How To: Change the differential fluid on a Nissan 350Z


Today I will show you what you will need to change the differential fluid on a Nissan 350Z. Mine is a 2003 but this tutorial will work for any 350Z and 370Z and will translate well to many other vehicles. Most people do not know that your differential needs fresh fluid bi-annually, especially if you […]

Our new 2014 VW Jetta Sportwagen TDI


I am a little belated in writing this (aren’t I always?), but we sold my car last week! And bought a new one! A 2014 VW Jetta Sportwagen TDI! It all happened really fast. Our neighbor caught us when we were home over lunch one day and asked if we’d ever thought about selling my […]

Video and data logging for the budget racer


Video and data logging are both very useful tools. Not only to help you analyze your laps to learn why you were significantly faster on any one lap versus the other, but its also just plain cool to be able to show your friends and family your hobby in a meaningful way. The issue is […]

8-21-2013 Gateway Motorsports Park SCCA PDX


Another track day down! And boy this was a good one! This time the track day was a 1/2 day event that began around 3:30PM and ran until dark. I have never done one of these half day events but I have to say there are a few benefits to them over a full day. […]

I am back! Track day at Gateway Motorsports Park


After the better part of two years I am finally back in my race car! Why the hiatus you say? Well for the past two years I have been working hard in turning my once daily driver; a 2003 Nissan 350z from a nice weather sports car to a dedicated full time race car. It […]

Looking Legit


It has been a while since I did a car post, so I guess I will take a moment to explain why. In 2011 I took the year off of racing to transform my 2003 Nissan 350z from a street car into a full-time track car. If you are an automotive enthusiast you will know […]

Zoom Zoom!

This weekend went fast, but thankfully, we maximized every minute of it. We had kind of an ambitious list of to-do’s. Training runs, workouts, car painting, a client website go-live and some hefty yard work. I worried we might have set our sights high with the hot weather in the forecast, but we pushed through, […]

A Texas-style Bon Voyage to Blake

I don’t think any of us were in doubt that eventually the day would come when Blake would move away. You’re in a long distance relationship, you decide to look for jobs and eventually the right one comes along. And although Blake and I have always had a very surprising, non-traditional relationship (he’s my high […]

The Z Transformation pt 5 – Race Ready

If you’re new to my posts on the Z’s transformation, check out the lead-up here, here, here, and here. After scores of weekends prepping the Z and even having to take a day off work to get it done in time, it was finally time to send it off to the cage builder. With help from […]