Paleo Orange Chicken

Happy Thursday! I had the best time at an event I attended last night. We have a  group of women in town that meet every so often called Girls in Tech (or is it women?) They throw little mixers or structured informative events. This was the latter,  so  it was so cool to not only […]

At Home Take-Out: Healthified Szechuan Pork Stuffed Peppers

I feel like our kitchen avoidance dinner posts are becoming almost a broken record. This Summer heat is unrelenting! We have tons of yard work and new bedding plants that are sorely being neglected and the lawn looks like it has some form of mange. I’m starting to think the only season that can truly […]

It’s Too Hot to Cook! Sesame Chicken Lettuce Wraps

I don’t know what it’s like where you are, but summer has hit Missouri like a punch in the mouth. We went from rainy, seasonably cool temperatures to mid-nineties and very humid seemingly overnight. I seriously considered shaving my head for about 2 hours last night until I remembered that I have to start my […]

More Easy Take-Out at Home! Healthified Beef and Broccoli

As I’ve been completely buried in final projects for grad classes this week (a 38-page paper for my Needs Assessment course and two usability tests for my cooperative computer systems class), Neil has graciously taken over most of the cooking and meal planning. Although he cooks with more meat than I typically do, he makes […]

Neil’s Healthified Kung Pao Pork

Of the many reasons I married Neil, his affinity for good Asian food is definitely near the top. He can replicate and healthify nearly every one of my favorites, whether it be stir fries or sushi, spring rolls and even Asian-inspired wings! Last night he made an incredible Kung Pao Pork that left our kitchen […]

Green Papaya Salad Spring Rolls

Spring Rolls are quickly becoming a weeknight staple for Neil and I. They are not only soooo easy to make, but are easy to change-up with little effort. You may remember last time we made Pork Spring Rolls with PB Dipping Sauce with veggies leftover from our Bun. This time we wanted to go a […]

Pork Spring Rolls with Peanut Butter Dipping Sauce

One of the easiest ways Neil and I save money on groceries is planning our meals in advance and using leftover ingredients for multiple meals. When we made our Bun Thit Nuong (which we were able to nosh on for 2 days), we still had lots of veggies and herbs leftover. So rather than change […]

Light and Savory Vietnamese Bun Thit Nuong

When a friend of mine first took me to a local Vietnamese eatery back in Springfield, Missouri a few years ago, I was a little bit skeptical to say the least. I had no idea what Vietnamese food tasted like, or even a clue what ingredients and tastes were popular in that region. Feeling a […]

Asian Spicy and Sweet Chili Sauce Wings

So last weekend while I was busy studying for the GRE, Neil treated me to a favorite of ours, homemade wings. I love these because they are baked and lightly glazed, therefore healthier and more flavorful than some of the varieties we’ve had at restaurants. They are also incredibly easy to make. While I was […]