Veggies to Cuddle

Basket o' Veggies

Fruit basket

These adorable fruit and veggie baskets from Ikea are so cute I can barely stand it. The veggies are especially adorable don’t you think? {via Meg Kat}




  1. How funny… my niece from Chicago was just telling me last night that she and my sister bought these fruit and veggie baskets for her cousin’s birthday. The way she described them sounded so cute, and they are!!! My sister is lucky enough to live close to an Ikea. Very jealous!

  2. Ditto. The closest to us here in MO is Chicago or Minneapolis…

  3. So cute! I must get some for the girls the next time I am in Dallas. God, I love Ikea.

  4. This is TOO cute! IKEA stuff always gets me. Love these, love your blog. 🙂

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