Coffee Cups and Metaphors

Our Coffee Cups

My Auntie Sandy gave us these mugs as a wedding gift a year ago. Most people probably would have kept them for special occasions or decoration but we dove in and started using them. After a year, they have tiny chips around the rims and Neil’s has a permanent creamer ring. My favorite part is the message inside. It’s been a year and our life is as comfortably worn in as our daily coffee mugs.




  1. So, after seven years, you might get the itch to use a different coffee cup?

    Seriously, congrats. The cups are a nice symbol/metaphor.

  2. so cute! Any idea where your aunt got them? I have a friend getting married who would love these.

  3. I tried looking for them to share the link but to no avail. Knowing her, I’m sure they were at Hallmark!

  4. @zac LOL!

  5. Cute! And Happy Anniversary!

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