The many faces of Clive Kohler…








Despite making huge strides with his anxiety, there are certain things that still freak Clive out — mainly baths.

While we know he probably doesn’t make the connection, we try to reward him for his baths with extra special treats. Clive’s treat of late is a 30″ extra-large Bully Stick (yes, bull penis) that he gets for about 10 minutes at a time ($$) for doing something particularly challenging to his anxiety. He LOVES it. But now that he has a pesky sister, he has to be on high alert to keep his treat from her. The last picture captures the moment she rounds the corner (fuzz on the bottom of the image) and too close to his prize.

We only have one rule, and it’s no bully sticks in the bed. Yuck!


  1. Ha, I am CRACKING UP at the 5th and 6th bug-eyed photos!

  2. haha, does Tildy also bug out? I would love to see both of them bugging out in a shot :)

  3. Oh my goodness his eyes are like billiard balls… on two separate tables.

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