Friday Link-Up

I keep wanting to make this a regular feature of our blog. We come across so many awesome things on the web throughout the week that we think it’s a disservice not to share them. For instance:


  • I’ve been laughing at this video (above) all week. “Is that Jason Khalipa?”
  • Hate peeling garlic as much as Neil does? Try this! (via Saveur)


Web Stuff

  • Of course. Just as Facebook announces Timeline for Pages, we finally have a hack for Pinterest. (via AGbeat)
  • Thinking of using some texture in your next web design? (via Smashing Magazine)
  • Like Podcasts? You’ll love this one (via Balanced Bites )


  1. That video is hilarious and I don’t even crossfit. I can just imagine though!

  2. Thank God I haven’t met any girls like that! Although, once my coach told me he had never seen anyone take so long to get a clip off. In my defense, it was a really crappy one…

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