Boston Terrier Tug of War!

A funny video of Clive and Matilda playing tug of war to get you through your mid week!




  1. Was the cat the one video taping? Do your dogs do the tug-o-war freeze, where they suddenly stop moving mig-tug, each with an end of the rope/toy/sock/stuffed animal in their mouths, and just stare each other down…for minutes at a time? It’s like they are having a staring contest, and the first one to blink loses. Cracks me up when mine to that.

    • Haha, no Neil grabbed this video. They definitely freeze at points, mostly due to being ouf of breath, but neither lets go or even eases their grip for a second. You can see in the vid that they definitely have formed strategies. Clive is nimble and likes to dart and re-grip, while Tildy prefers the “hulk smash” method of just whipping her head back and forth since she has weight on her side.

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