The Sleep Business

Bedtime is serious business for the four-legged boys in our house. Every night after they’ve had their dinner, Felix and Clive immediately start trying to “motivate” us to go to bed. Clive whines incessantly, and Felix opens and slams kitchen cabinets. Eventually, Neil “reluctantly” makes his way downstairs and ends up laying in bed with them so they’ll be quiet. Libby and I usually stay up to watch several more episodes of whatever is on Netflix before making our way downstairs to find whatever sliver of bed is left. Last night we came down to this, and decided to opt for the couch instead.




  1. Our dogs do the same thing – when they want to go to bed, they want us to come with them. Silly animals!

  2. That last picture is adorable!

  3. That’s the opposite of the way our cats were – they didn’t care who went to sleep when they did, as long as my mom got UP when they did! Well, anyone would do, she was just the easiest to wake up.

  4. Happens at our house too! We like to call this “cuddle time”. Jack gets as close to you as possible and Toby eventually gives up and puts himself to bed in his chair 🙂

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