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Snow Day? Make Tater-Tot Hotdish

I feel like there are few things more synonomous with being from Minnesota than loving hotdish. It may just be this author’s experience, but as hotdish was at every holiday, family picnic and gathering of more than five people growing up I can’t imagine it escaped the fond memories of many others as well. Heck, […]


We’re coming off an amazing but unexpected 4-day weekend. After finally getting our first big snow of the season, the town pretty much shut down and Neil got to stay home with me for two whole days. It was like having a real-life coworker again, or well — you know what I mean. Someone to […]

CrossFit Level 1 Certification

I’m back! Well, I was actually back on Sunday night, but I’m finally starting dig myself out of my to-do lists following a trip to Florida for work, then by my 2-day CrossFit Level 1 Seminar. I was gone a whole 7 days, and although I had Internet, I was literally on the move from […]

Sourdough Chocolate Swirl Bread

This breadmaking stuff is ADDICTIVE. Immediately after making my last loaf, I came across a tutorial for a babka twist technique that I absolutely had to try before I left for my business trip. So I woke up super early Saturday morning before my flight to Orlando and put together this loaf while it was still […]

No-Knead Sourdough Cinnamon-Raisin Swirl Bread

In the midst of what has to be one of the craziest weeks ever, I made my second loaf of sourdough two days ago. Sometimes a little baking is just the ticket to turning a week around. It’s just such a happy hobby — and the perfect distraction! The flavor of the starter (“Kenny”) is […]


Ta-da! Kitchen painted! Doesn’t it look so much better!? If you’re just catching up, we did a little bit of impromptu renovating 2 weekends ago, so this weekend was the clean-up and prettify of the mess we made. We completely painted the kitchen, the pantry and the hallway (since it directly conjoins wall-wise. Here are […]

The Black Birds vs The 50-1’ers

Okay — so we’re doing absolutely nothing for the Super Bowl. No cool food, no party. We spent the entire weekend painting (pictures coming soon!), and our arms and legs are exhausted. So we’re laid up on the couch working and streaming the game with a heaping snack tray of trail mix, cheese and crackers […]