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Paleo Orange Chicken

Happy Thursday! I had the best time at an event I attended last night. We have a  group of women in town that meet every so often called Girls in Tech (or is it women?) They throw little mixers or structured informative events. This was the latter,  so  it was so cool to not only […]

Impromptu Frenzy

Another mostly working weekend that was roughly 85% unexciting. We have several projects all nearing completion at the same time and so my head has been completely consumed with my checklists, code checks and last-minute details. It’s not exactly exciting blog fodder. To be fair, we did a few cool things. We did a ridiculous […]

“Kenny” The Sourdough Starter

I’ll premise this quickly by saying that I know Sourdough bread isn’t Paleo. Not even mostly Paleo, or Primal. Making it is just something I’ve always wanted to do, never had the guts to, and am finally excited to say I’ve done. That being said, based on what I’ve read from Mark Sisson, if you’re […]

Scenes from the Weekend

We were hit with some crazy weather this past weekend. I’m really not trying to start every post with the weather, but this is worth noting. On Saturday, it got into the 60’s. Neil washed and waxed the cars AND cleaned the garage (he loves his domain) while I got a nice run in — […]

Paleo Hot and Spicy Honey Ribs

Some people raise an eyebrow when we say we make ribs in the winter by baking them in our oven. The truth is, I think some of our best ribs have been made in the winter. With the busy holiday weekends over, we’ve reclaimed the last several for slow cooking, baking and food prep for […]

2013: Doing Stuff…

I won’t lie. I love giving the new year time to settle in before writing resolutions, which are really more like goals — or if we’re talking about our house, a frightening to-do list. I feel like it gives me time to be introspective for a hair longer, and also read what other people have […]

Ice Ice Baby

Another nice low-key weekend at home. An ice storm kind of derailed our plans to head out-of-town for some shopping, but we made the best of it and decided to get some projects done around the house. So very adult of us right? Replaced the timing mechanism in this clock Neil made in junior high. […]

Random Thursday

This week has been killer. If there was any question, the holidays are DEFINITELY over, and it’s back to work big time for both of us. I woke up yesterday thinking it was Thursday! Anyhow, here are some of the random things going on around here… Our old ’80s humidifier finally kicked the bucket this […]

Paleo Beef and Winter Veggie Stew on a working weekend

This weekend was all about work — tons of coding, lots of drawing, and endless ideas being tossed around. We are working with our first international client, and she is such a sweet lady. I can’t wait to hand her the keys to her new site. I think she’ll love working in WordPress, and will […]

Scenes from Last Year

New Year’s unfolded as kind of a two-day at-home extravaganza that started with Neil’s parents arriving on New Year’s Eve Eve (is that right?) for a belated Christmas overnight. Puppy Christmas cookies for Matilda and Clive They brought food gifts, plenty of snacks and we made personal homemade pizzas and stayed up late watching concert […]