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A signature recipe

We made our first batch of White Chicken Chili (not Paleo) on Sunday. And this time, we really made it. We soaked the beans… Roasted whole organic chickens we got from Natural Grocers… And added a local acorn squash for extra color. Afterward we took the carcasses (ew!) and made the chicken stock. One simple […]

Thanksgiving 2012

Star Trail photo by Austin We always mean to take more photos of holidays, but always get swept up in the enjoyment of just being present with our family. As being married seems to add more food, family, and tables to our lives, we’ve really try to maximize our plans each holiday. It’s definitely still […]

We’re terrible bloggers, but with good reason.

So we haven’t blogged in over a week. I blame myself mostly. Life has been so crazy, literally non-stop, yet until a few days ago, none of it was really blog-worthy? I don’t know quite how to explain it. Bloggers, tell me, does this every happen to you? There’s so much going on, but none […]

3rd Annual Omaha Harvest Hustle 2012

Hello from Nebraska! I’m traveling this week for work and decided to kick off my trip a little early with a slight detour to Omaha to visit my brother. Since my company is based in Lincoln, I typically try to swing through so I can see him. While looking for things for us to do, […]

Random Thursday

I liked writing the last Random Thursday so much that I thought I’d do it again. There always seem to be little things going on around here throughout the week that are fun to share, but aren’t deserving of a whole separate post. These are those things. We bought a bowl for our vegetables. I […]

Cohick Half-Marathon Recap

I am so excited to say I have now completed TWO half-marathons. That means I’m serious about this running stuff right? Hardly, I know, but at least I feel like I’m now outside the “total newb” realm. Early Saturday morning we packed up the pups and headed to Springfield for the Cohick Half Marathon/Conservation Marathon […]

Product Review and GIVEAWAY: Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil

{Stir Fry last night} If you asked us what our most-used “kitchen staple” ingredient is since adopting the Paleo lifestyle, it would definitely be coconut oil. I can say with certainty that we use it in every meal, and being that we make 98% of our meals from scratch, that’s a LOT of coconut oil. […]

Halloween for Adults

For how last-minute our Halloween seemed to come together, we sure managed to have a lot of fun, and thankfully, more trick or treaters than last year. Last year was kind of a bummer. I think we had a grand total of 10 kids. This year however, I think we got closer to 30. I […]