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Paleo Cajun Burgers

If you were to identify the most commonly used phrase around our house this weekend, it would probably be “son of a bitch.” It’s the perfect expression for those times when hindsight is painfully 20/20. Last weekend, while we cooped ourselves up in the house to paint, it was gorgeous outside. This weekend, which we […]

Friday Link-up

Just a picture I snapped of the house. Everything is fully bloomed out and the lawn is growing like a weed, mostly because it is in fact a large collection of weeds. Oh well, no matter because it’s Friday! Have anything great planned? After our marathon painting session last weekend, we’re picking up our brushes […]

Weeknight NOM

Dinner last night was NOM NOM Paleo’s Damn Fine Chicken and Sautéed Spinach with Warm Bacon Dressing. So good I ran outside as it was getting dark and snapped a few photos. My neighbors probably think we’re nuts. I don’t care, warm salad is definitely my new favorite side dish. It’s so easy too. Cook […]

Easy Sweet Corn Hash

Another meal inspired by a food show, that just happened to coincide nicely with a grocery store sale on sweet corn. We watched Anthony Bourdain cover Cajun Country over the weekend, and were practically drooling over the corn hash, which can be seen here at about minute 5:40 or so. A simple hash of fresh […]

A barbecue overdose

This weekend was all about barbecue and celebration. One to celebrate CrossFit and the continued success of our gym and its members, and the other to celebrate the impending arrival of little baby “LeBlaine” Walentik, possibly the most uniquely false-named baby in existence. On Friday, Kaitlan and Erica came over to help prep for our […]

Can rules and progress play nice in CrossFit?

A few weeks ago, I incurred my first semi-injury since starting CrossFit. Nothing serious — a tweaked hamstring — but it hurt and I know it could have easily been much worse. Talking about injury is uncharted territory for me. On one hand, I know it’s just a part of fitness that many people deal […]

Weekend Recap: Easter Edition

Another blur of a weekend. So much done, so little done, so much fun, but yet a lot of work. Sound about right? Our Friday started with some computer games. We’re trying to hold onto our “gaming Fridays,” but it’s definitely getting more difficult now that the weather is nicer and more activities are starting […]

Paleo Meat Loaf

Our summer-like spring has nose-dived a bit this week. Well, maybe it’s more how spring should really look. Isn’t it funny that we spend so much time talking about the weather, yet the concept of what is normal or exceptional is all over the board? On Sunday, it was 89 degrees. One of my coworkers […]

Viva la Weekend

Sorry for the delay, we’ve been playing catch-up all day! A few months ago, Neil bought tickets for a soccer game, not realizing that the tickets were for two games, not just one. We decided to make a weekend of it and buy an extra ticket for Neil’s coworker and brother to split and stay […]