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Friday Link-up

Happy Friday! I finally was able to capture Neil’s elusive muscle-up at CrossFit the other day. It was his third one of the day! This week was really busy and I’m so happy it’s finally the weekend. We’re headed to Kansas City to watch CONCACAF Olympic qualifier final. That’s soccer if you’re like me and […]

Wurstfest – Hermann, MO

Hi all, Neil here! Since Jessica had obligations this past weekend, I decided to steal away with friends on a little foodie excursion…here are a few pics and details about my day! In a tiny German town of about 2,700 residents about an hour from Columbia sits Hermann, MO. While the town may be small […]

Hot Dog!

Guess who had their first visit to the dog park today!? We were a little apprehensive about this first visit, as she’s not 100% on name recognition and recall yet, but the weather was amazing, and we decided to brave the mud and take them out for some fun. The dog park was packed! And […]

How to build a raised garden bed – or outsource it

No joke, I have been working on this post all week. Should I tell you how we did it, or simply show you what we did and explain why we did it that way? It’s that whole “speak with authority” thing I struggle with in blogging. You can’t just “do” you have to “own.”  But […]

The many faces of Clive Kohler…

Despite making huge strides with his anxiety, there are certain things that still freak Clive out — mainly baths. While we know he probably doesn’t make the connection, we try to reward him for his baths with extra special treats. Clive’s treat of late is a 30″ extra-large Bully Stick (yes, bull penis) that he […]

Spicy Sweet Potato Hummus

While I sift through the several hundred photos and drawings I made over the weekend to document our home projects (!!), I thought I’d divert to a fun recipe you absolutely must try. Definitely not Paleo, but nonetheless a super easy dip to pull together when you’re aiming to snack or entertain a bit healthier. […]

A little adventure…

You know it’s an adventure in our house if it starts with a pile of cash. As I mentioned earlier in the week, Neil’s been looking at car trailers for weeks, and with over a dozen hit and misses, he was starting to get a little discouraged. Until last night. A great deal on a […]

Hit the brakes! How to replace your brakes and rotors yourself

In our persistent pursuit to save money and cut unnecessary expenses wherever possible, few areas have net us both extreme success and failure quite like car maintenance. While Neil’s skills in the garage have enabled us to do roughly 98% of our own maintenance (saving hundreds of dollars in labor + equipment), his auto racing […]

Paleo Cinnamon “Oatmeal” Raisin Cookies

Cookies! If you hadn’t noticed, we’ve been in a bit of a baking drought since going Paleo. Initially it was because we chose to abstain from treats to better acclimate to being newly grain free. I also quickly found that Paleo baking had a learning curve that I didn’t have time for while finishing grad school. […]

I’m there man.

I’m 30. I still can’t believe it. I’m sorry for the sweaty post-workout pic and I swear my hair does not really appear that red in person. I made Neil take this to commemorate the day, is that strange? The day was a little bittersweet, as you might expect a minor milestone to be. People […]