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The Tire Flip

Jessica Tire Flip from Kohler Created on Vimeo. Before I started working out, I used to watch other people work out. I used to dream of being fit, which at that time meant wearing spandex and running 8-minute miles. Oh and not sweating, because fit people don’t sweat. I always talked myself out of trying […]

Weekend of Sloth

This weekend was particularly, slothy? While we got work done on freelance projects, it was mostly in our pajamas in between naps, recovering from a pretty intense WOD Friday after work — a 7-minute AMRAP of competition burpees. It was brutal. This was no ordinary WOD. It was the first challenge for the CrossFit Open. […]

Friday Link-Up

I keep wanting to make this a regular feature of our blog. We come across so many awesome things on the web throughout the week that we think it’s a disservice not to share them. For instance: Memes I’ve been laughing at this video (above) all week. “Is that Jason Khalipa?” Hate peeling garlic as […]

Quinoa and Root Veggie Hash

File this under “what we should have made for Valentine’s Day.” Look at that color, but be careful, the intensity of my ugly blue counters against an almost magenta dinner might cause a seizure. Despite following the recipe in Whole Living almost exactly in respect to the beets, our dish ended up totally beet-ified. Ours […]

Boston Terrier Tug of War!

A funny video of Clive and Matilda playing tug of war to get you through your mid week! Enjoy!

Friendly Weekend

Weekends, more so than weekdays, make us eager for Spring. I think it’s being around the house all day and wishing it was just a little warmer out so we could work outside. This weekend, however, there was very little work happening. We had guests! Neil’s best friend Chris (Crash) and his fiancé Tina came […]

The Bear Complex

When I saw that term pop up in our WOD prescription last week, I was totally thrown off. Bear Complex? What is that? Is it like World of Warcraft when my Druid goes into “Bear Mode“? Neil and I were a little worried, mostly because anything involving “bear” is usually tied to amazing feats of […]

Spinach and Bacon Stuffed Pork Tenderloin

So I meant to post last night, but in the spirit of absolutely loathing Valentine’s day, we took a social media break. Even as a married couple, the barrage of overshare is a little much for even us. So how’d we spend our Valentine’s Day? Pretty much like any other day. After stopping at home […]

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Kohlers! (Longer post sans creepy Instagrams to follow.)

Paleo Baked Chicken Fingers & Panko-crusted Asparagus

Yesterday was an all-out work day. We walked upstairs to the loft at like 8:30 a.m. and didn’t walk down till dinner around 5. I’m pretty sure it would count as a sixth work day if I hadn’t snuck in some Diablo III beta and World of Warcraft mid-afternoon. I was having a blast with […]