Beeb’s Birthday Party

KK's birthday - Kohler Created

Just a little photo dump to share some of the photos from Kaitlan’s first birthday. I think she had a lot of fun being the center of attention, but she definitely crashed hard when second naptime came around — unfortunately it was during cake. She ate a little bit, but we knew she wasn’t going […]

1 year ago

1 year old beeb - Kohler Created

Kaitlan is just about a year old! 1 year ago today I had my first contraction. I was walking back to work after having lunch with Neil downtown. I’m not sappy about it or anything, but I’ll probably be reliving it a bit throughout the weekend. Some days I feel like it was eons ago, […]

Ahhh Friday

Dinners this week have been veggies with salad and shredded chicken!

Happy Friday! Neil went on call this morning, and we have a busy weekend planned, but that doesn’t stop Friday from still feeling like the promised land. Since we were on vacation last week, this week has been a game of catch-up and we actually got quite a bit done. We’ve got freelance going for […]

Belated Fourth


Some belated pictures from our Fourth of July weekend. We ended up kind of inviting ourselves to a BBQ, and had a lot of fun catching up with friends and enjoying the weather, which was perfect. Kaitlan didn’t last too long into the fireworks — a combination of fear from the noise and being close to […]

Weekend Splash

Baby swim lessons - Kohler Created

Kaitlan completed her first swim lessons session over the weekend! She got a little grade card and everything. While she isn’t a fish quite yet, I think she would have easily been voted “most calm in the water.” She’s the picture of aquatic tranquility. The little girl next to her was in love with the water, […]

Weekend Peek

Weekend Peek - Kohler Created

A few pictures from our weekend. Neil was off racing in Oklahoma and Kaitlan and I were holding down the fort at home. I had hoped to piggyback of Neil’s solo weekend while I was at Regionals and get out a bunch with the stroller, but we were hampered by weather. When it wasn’t raining, […]

Flying Solo

Solo Weekend - Kohler Created

This was my first official weekend flying solo with Beeb. To date, neither of us have ventured out for more than a few hours without the other and the baby in tow, and frankly, we haven’t done much of that either. We also haven’t hired a babysitter or had a date night since November. New […]

Oh Weekend

Concept2 Model B - Kohler Created

We had a great weekend so I wanted to give a quick update — which is tough because as you probably have seen, I tend to be really wordy. Our weekend started off with an awesome find. I’ve been hoping for quite a while to put a little gym area in a little room we’ve […]


Kaitlan on Easter - Kohler Created

…or weekend. This is the first holiday where we’ve been like, “should we do something?” with Kaitlan. At Christmas she didn’t notice anything, and although she still obviously hasn’t a clue, she loves to explore new things — like containers of things, ie Easter baskets. I’m guessing we’ll probably put a little something fun together […]

The Wise Samurai

Tsukahara Bokuden – Samurai Legend

Tsukahara Bokuden – Samurai Legend (source) Happy Friday! It’s been a long week — to the extent that I actually took a break from some of the non-essential work I typically do and just kind of mellowed out. It felt great, and I got a little much needed “me” time to kind of focus on […]