Life with kids: reclaiming our evenings

I had several different titles for this post, but everything sounded like an adult film title, or possibly would have made our site look like a hub for adult film titles, so I went with something a little less SEO-optimal, but a little more safe. Oh the perils of blogging… It’s no secret that life […]

Do you plan your weekends?

I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday! We had an awesome, super productive weekend. Do you plan your weekends? We’re getting better at planning our weekends in order to pack all we want into them. Typically around Thursday, we start a list of all the things we need to get done, or want to do, and […]

Around here

My title for this post makes me think of that Counting Crows song Round Here, which probably gives away my age in a big way. But there’s quite a bit going on around here. So here’s a little life update. Neil will probably put out a post about his first race of the season at […]

Dream Weekend

If you’re used to accustomed to coming out of the weekend feeling you didn’t accomplish a fraction of what you hoped to, a weekend like this one felt like a dream sequence out of a movie. I feel like we did so much this weekend, and got a taste of everything we wanted to! Friday evening […]

Divide and Conquer Weekend

I hope your weekend was as fun as ours! Here’s a little recap! Friday night was CrossFit, cheat meals (Billiards burgers) and coloring! I want to kiss whomever invented Color Magic Markers. GENIUS! Saturday morning Neil left for an overnight camping trip with some friends and KK and I got girl time. We watched movies […]

Weekend Naps

The weekend feels like it flew by — probably because I spent a lot of it napping. Oh that face…she’s becoming such a little person these days. I need to capture video of her stomping around the house like she owns the place. Such a little boss. I sometimes catch my breath on the thought […]

Ever need an Internet hiatus?

So last week…was nuts. If you watch the news at all, you probably heard about the events that unfolded at Mizzou (where we live). If you haven’t, here’s the best, most balanced summary I’ve been able to come across. Suffice to say, the whole situation invokes a range of emotions and I find myself quite […]

First-ish Halloween

Since Kaitlan was but a wee Beeb last year on Halloween, this really felt like her first Halloween. We kept everything really simple, but still managed to have a lot of fun! While we hoped she’d be big enough to fit into a few costumes my mom saved from my childhood, we improvised at the […]

Minnesota State Fair 2015

Beeb added three new states and had her first day at the Minnesota State Fair a few weekends back. It was such a fun, easy trip, and it was soooo good to be back in my home state. We arrived on Friday, had lunch with my Aunt and hit Woodbury Days with my cousin that […]

Beeb’s Birthday Party

Just a little photo dump to share some of the photos from Kaitlan’s first birthday. I think she had a lot of fun being the center of attention, but she definitely crashed hard when second naptime came around — unfortunately it was during cake. She ate a little bit, but we knew she wasn’t going […]