First Trimester Pregnancy Recap

Pregnancy - First Trimester Recap - Kohler Created

First, thank you so much for all your wonderful comments and messages. They mean so much and they just made that week all the more special. It’s exciting to be out in the open now and able to share this experience! I don’t even know how to approach writing about pregnancy. On one hand, I’d […]

We are done with Whole30, now what?

Whole 30 Salad

Ack! Time just gets away from me during the week. I’ve been working on a writing intensive project at work, and by the time I am through with my day, all I want to do is work out and read books. I’ve been reading voraciously lately — but that’s another post. My ginormous salad and […]

Whole30 Challenge: What will we keep?


Is anyone else tired of winter yet? Blegh. I think it’s safe to say that as we near the end of the Whole30 Challenge, our thoughts are definitely mixed. On one hand, we desperately needed a dietary reset and the overall results (both physical and emotional) have been pretty impressive. We needed the reset, and […]

The Whole30 Challenge: Week 2


I mentioned in our last post that we’ve somewhat hit a groove with Whole30 and are starting to feel the physical/mental differences so many people talk about. While that is exciting to see and feel, we’ve also definitely hit some hurdles/annoyances. Sponteneity is Dead Because meals have to be prepped and prepared from scratch, and […]

Spicy Whole30 Chili


We are just into Week 3 of the Whole30 challenge at CrossFit Fringe, and we’ve really hit a good stride. Of course, I’ve completely failed in a few areas (mainly Greek yogurt and oatmeal), but Neil is a champion. Hasn’t cheated once. Not all that surprising of course, he has amazing willpower. Typically I do well at […]

The Whole30 Challenge: Week 1


We are officially in day 2 of our Whole30 Challenge with our box. Sorry for the lack of lead up, but getting everyone at the box set up kind of took priority. Nonetheless, I’ve been looking forward to this challenge for a few months now, mostly because after HOA and the holidays, our diets and […]

Paleo Crispy Baked Chicken Wings


I don’t know about you guys, but by the time Christmas actually gets here every year, I feel like I’ve already eaten myself stupid. There are too many food traditions and trying to cram them all in causes the belly bloat to end all belly bloat. I’m beyond ready for the post-holiday clean-up, and am […]

Friday Link-Up + Christmas Tree


Happy Friday! We put our tree up! We decided to try a real one this year. They always made me itchy as a child, which is why we opted for fake in previous years, but I just couldn’t resist the idea this year, so we decided to give it a try. I LOVE the smell. […]

Crock Pot Chicken Mole


As I mentioned yesterday, we are in the midst of a Crock Pot marathon of sorts. While the stove and oven still work, they aren’t optimal, so to ease the frustration and save time, we’ve opted to use the Crock Pot as much as possible until we can find a replacement. I stumbled on this […]

Meal Planning: 10/14-10/18 & 10/21-10/25


Another week down of meal planning down! We got a little off track last week with Erica being out-of-town for work, but we still managed to have some great meals over the past two weeks. Some trends are definitely forming as the weather cools down. Squash has been on the menu quite a bit. We […]