Whole30 Nutrition Challenge Recap: Week 1

If you’ve done Whole30, or any kind of nutrition challenge, you know that Week 1 is largely spent “coming off” your normal routine. Even if you eat pretty healthy normally, it’s much like having a hangover that lasts a good 3-4 days. This year, Neil is opting to do the strict challenge, while I opted […]

My favorite Whole30 Resources (ongoing)

Over the years of trying to be more conscientious about what we eat and doing several Whole30 Challenges, I’ve amassed quite a few Whole30 resources that always serve to keep me positive and motivated to carry on with eating healthy and living our best life. I’m definitely not the first to create a list of […]

Spicy Whole30 Chili

We are just into Week 3 of the Whole30 challenge at CrossFit Fringe, and we’ve really hit a good stride. Of course, I’ve completely failed in a few areas (mainly Greek yogurt and oatmeal), but Neil is a champion. Hasn’t cheated once. Not all that surprising of course, he has amazing willpower. Typically I do well at […]

Paleo Crispy Baked Chicken Wings

I don’t know about you guys, but by the time Christmas actually gets here every year, I feel like I’ve already eaten myself stupid. There are too many food traditions and trying to cram them all in causes the belly bloat to end all belly bloat. I’m beyond ready for the post-holiday clean-up, and am […]

Crock Pot Chicken Mole

As I mentioned yesterday, we are in the midst of a Crock Pot marathon of sorts. While the stove and oven still work, they aren’t optimal, so to ease the frustration and save time, we’ve opted to use the Crock Pot as much as possible until we can find a replacement. I stumbled on this […]

Paleo Lemon Poppy Seed Bread

My mom is the queen of quick breads. I’m not kidding. Her breads are always the perfect balance of cake and bread, and always cook completely through without burnt edges or mushy centers. I don’t know how she does it — but I resent her making me love them so much. Growing up, she used […]

Paleo Orange Chicken

Happy Thursday! I had the best time at an event I attended last night. We have a  group of women in town that meet every so often called Girls in Tech (or is it women?) They throw little mixers or structured informative events. This was the latter,  so  it was so cool to not only […]

Paleo Hot and Spicy Honey Ribs

Some people raise an eyebrow when we say we make ribs in the winter by baking them in our oven. The truth is, I think some of our best ribs have been made in the winter. With the busy holiday weekends over, we’ve reclaimed the last several for slow cooking, baking and food prep for […]

Paleo Beef and Winter Veggie Stew on a working weekend

This weekend was all about work — tons of coding, lots of drawing, and endless ideas being tossed around. We are working with our first international client, and she is such a sweet lady. I can’t wait to hand her the keys to her new site. I think she’ll love working in WordPress, and will […]

Paleo Flax and Raisin Breakfast Bread

I have a hard time motivating myself to do a lot of Paleo baking. I know I mention this every blue moon when I actually bake something, but it’s something I really want to improve for 2013. Yes, I’m already thinking of my New Year’s resolutions. Next year promises to be a big one and […]