Scenes from the Weekend: CrossFit and Spring Cleaning

Crazy busy weekend over here! We completed some major TLC spring cleaning on the closets, creating three full bags for Goodwill. We also started the process of painting all the things we’ve been meaning to paint for 3 years. We did manage to have some fun though, so here’s a little montage of everything. I […]

Make the Old New Again

It’s been over a week since HOA, and I’m just now realizing how much has gone on that I haven’t talked about — especially around the house. So let’s get caught up. First, we have a new washer and dryer! We bought it during the Labor Day sales at Best Buy and had it delivered […]


Ta-da! Kitchen painted! Doesn’t it look so much better!? If you’re just catching up, we did a little bit of impromptu renovating 2 weekends ago, so this weekend was the clean-up and prettify of the mess we made. We completely painted the kitchen, the pantry and the hallway (since it directly conjoins wall-wise. Here are […]

A goodbye tribute…

Neil, the dogs and I would like to take a few moments and remember our fridge, Ms. Superba KitchenAid, circa 1994… Oh Superba, you’ve served us well… Okay — Who we are kidding. She was a complete pain in the ass. Despite cleaning this fridge from top to bottom countless times since we moved in, […]

A barbecue overdose

This weekend was all about barbecue and celebration. One to celebrate CrossFit and the continued success of our gym and its members, and the other to celebrate the impending arrival of little baby “LeBlaine” Walentik, possibly the most uniquely false-named baby in existence. On Friday, Kaitlan and Erica came over to help prep for our […]

Paleo Roasted Banana Bread and Practical Kitchens

My collection of hoarded black bananas in the back of my freezer emerged to yield another loaf of my favorite quick bread. I love all things banana (evidence here, here and here)! This time, purely out of curiosity, I decided to give Paleo banana bread a try. Over Christmas break, my mom brought several pounds […]

Paleo Update: The Refrigerator

Even though we’re still pretty well in the infancy of our Paleo lifestyle (yes “lifestyle,” as our Crossfit instructor most emphatically insists it is not a diet — and we agree), a great deal of change has already gone on around our house. Big and small changes. Little things like we no longer have snacks […]

Mini Projects: Cereal Edition

We’re quickly learning that when you undertake a massive project like an older home, it is necessary to interject some fun and easy projects between the larger ones so as not to lose your sanity and/or marriage. After reeling from news last week that we will most likely have to rewire our entire house over […]

Black Bean Mango Stir Fry with Cilantro Lime Coconut Sauce

If you find yourself at the grocery store as often as we seem to be lately (sometimes we go just to look around — is that weird?), you’ve probably noticed that mangoes are CHEAP right now. Being that we have tons of random veggies around and we’re trying to eat on the cheap, I thought […]

Thin & Crispy Crust Trial #3: Black Forest Ham and Pineapple Relish Pizza

As I mentioned in our St. Patrick’s Day Pizza post, we’re on the march toward perfecting the perfect crispy pizza crust “a la Kohler.” We’re bordering on obsessive now. It has to be done! I have no shame in saying that we’ll be eating pizza like it’s our job until we figure this out. I […]