I can’t believe Thanksgiving is already here! I love short work weeks. Neil and I were off work all today (belated 9-year anniversary date) and tomorrow begins a several days of rotating shifts of eating and lounging. We are splitting time between both our families — so double food and relaxation. Probably should try to […]

Ever need an Internet hiatus?

So last week…was nuts. If you watch the news at all, you probably heard about the events that unfolded at Mizzou (where we live). If you haven’t, here’s the best, most balanced summary I’ve been able to come across. Suffice to say, the whole situation invokes a range of emotions and I find myself quite […]

#RallyforRhyan Weekend

Gosh guys, thanks for bearing with us last week. It was an insane week of Neil prepping for his final race of the season, Nate stopping through on his way to a wedding and the above, an awesome fundraiser for a little girl in our community who was just diagnosed with a pretty rare and […]

What I’m Reading Lately

Happy Monday! I can’t believe it’s already the weekend. We’ve had a pretty incredible week here. Kaitlan is WALKING. As in, not just cruising, and doesn’t want to crawl at all anymore. When we got back from the State Fair we were ecstatic that she was free standing and cruising on furniture. And last Friday, […]

Friday Link-up and Loving Lately

It’s Labor Day weekend! I feel like there’s a lot going on this weekend. First home football game of the season, last open pool weekend, an Open Gym shift at the gym, and of course, a three-day weekend. So without further adieu, here’s another edition of Friday Link-up and Loving Lately. Aurorae Resistance Bands Oh […]

Training Update

Instagram makes day to day training easy to share, but I thought I’d give you a little bit of long-form version on what I’ve been up to lately. I feel like I’ve hit this place of pure joy with my training that has really been missing for a while. And I owe that to Fringe’s […]

1 year ago

Kaitlan is just about a year old! 1 year ago today I had my first contraction. I was walking back to work after having lunch with Neil downtown. I’m not sappy about it or anything, but I’ll probably be reliving it a bit throughout the weekend. Some days I feel like it was eons ago, […]

The Method to Balance

It doesn’t need to be said that new parenthood is a huge adjustment to life for new parents. For us, there was a huge adjustment period of not only caring for a newborn, a full-time job at it’s easiest, but somehow trying to make all the pieces of our old life fit together in a […]

Charlie the Catalyst

Hey guys, I wanted to give a little shout out to Charlie Racinowski. You may remember, he was my nutritionist during pregnancy, and he is currently competing for the shot at being named 1st Phorm’s Top Trainer in America. I’ve been meaning to write him a public testimonial for a long time, so I’m excited […]