29 weeks pregnant: a crazy week

29 weeks pregnant - Kohler Created

Pregnancy week 29 was definitely a wild ride. Neil had a race, was also on-call throughout the week, and I got hired on in a new department in my job. Yes, we’re apparently crazy. With my new appointment, I’m excited about the opportunity to work on some special curriculum projects and new course developments for […]

Beauty Product Minimalist

Burt's Bees Brightening Line - Women's Health Action Hero - Kohler Created

I’m admittedly a little dense when it comes to beauty products. I’ve always been a bit of a tomboy, and I didn’t start wearing make-up until I was nearly in high school. By the time I started, my family had just moved, and I was too shy and embarrassed to ask my friends for help. Not […]

How do I say this…


I have been toiling over this post for a few weeks now. I’m not clever. I’m not cute. I don’t have anecdotes and although life hasn’t really been that different, it has been in one major way… Yes, true to the sense of humor of these of two IT professionals, I felt this was the […]

2013 Heart of America Affiliate Team Competition


I started writing a post before Heart of America, only to completely scrap it because I sounded like an wordy, oversentimental sap. Now here I am on the other side of the competition struggling to find the right words to encompass just how crazy competing for the first time was. It was unlike anything I’ve […]

Weekly Workout Recap (10/14 – 10/20)


I haven’t done one of these in a while — apologies. I used to be amazing at documenting every minute detail of my workout but then work happened, and I felt lucky to even get the workout in let alone even try to pay attention to my time or weights. Whatever felt heavy and fast […]

Training Update: Countdown to Heart of America


First, thank you all for your kind words and messages about Kaitlan. So many people have reached out to our gym in support and it’s been healing to connect with her other family, friends and colleagues as well. Kaitlan touched so many people, especially in her short time in Hawaii. We were grateful to be […]

2 Year CrossFit Anniversary


I can’t believe I just typed those words. We’ve officially been doing CrossFit for two years. Major CrossFit love about to happen. You’ve been warned! As of sometime this month (I never wrote it down), we have officially been doing CrossFit for two years. It’s certainly cliché to say, but I feel like I can […]

Coaching & Programming


A few of you have asked how coaching and CrossFit are going, so I thought I’d give you sort of an update on both. I’ve now been coaching for almost 5 months and I love it. Still getting over being naturally shy in front of people, but it’s given me an entirely different perspective and […]

Moving Forward


So it’s been kind of a rough week and I hate that I’ve been saying that so much this year — but bear with me. My brother and I with Grandma, circa 2004 My grandma passed away last week. Fortunately my family was able to be by her side. My parents and brothers had traveled […]

Spring Bride

Last weekend marked 3 weeks until my best friend Rachel gets married. I made the drive down to Springfield for her amazing wedding shower and hilarious bachelorette. Kasey, one of the bridesmaids put together an awesome shower that included lunch, games and painting. Lunch was an amazing array of sandwiches, snacks and dessert. I loved […]