2015 Women’s Health Action Hero

2015 Women's Health Action Hero - Kohler Created

A few weeks ago, I received exciting news from Women’s Health Magazine that I had been selected as a Women’s Health Action Hero again for 2015. I reapplied on a whim and told them about the past year of CrossFit and how it allowed me to continue to train and be active through pregnancy and postpartum. I really enjoyed my […]

Learning from Legend

Elisabeth Akinwale Seminar - Kohler Created

Over the weekend, I had the extreme fortune of attending a seminar with 4x CrossFit Games competitor Elisabeth Akinwale. It’s rare we get these types of opportunities in our area. We’re not remote, but we’re 2 hours from both St. Louis and Kansas City, so a little outlying. I was excited not only because someone […]

Start ‘em early

Neighborhood walk - Kohler Created

So as I mentioned in our weekly meal planning post, the schedule at our gym has changed, pushing childcare back to the 6:30 pm class, which some parents might know puts us dangerously close to the “witching hour.” I think the biggest thing I overlooked going into parenting is that going to bed is a […]

The 5 Choices

The 5 Choices - Kohler Created

This pretty much sums up my week haha. Okay, things really aren’t that bad, but I finally picked The 5 Choices from the library. I’ve been a on a total personal/professional development kick (aside from baby food books) and second to Primal Leadership, I think this is quickly becoming another fave. It takes the concept […]

Remember why you love it.

Post-Injury CrossFit Training - Kohler Created

I realized after hitting ‘publish’ on my CrossFit Intramural Game post that it’s been a bit since I talked about CrossFit and how training is going! If you remember, I sprained my wrist while lifting over Thanksgiving break, and since then it’s kind of been radio silence over here regarding the topic — unless you […]

CrossFit Open Intramural FRENZY


Happy Wednesday everyone! It’s been a blitz of a week so far! The 2015 CrossFit Open starts this week and while it’s always met with a warm response from our gym, it’s never been anything overwhelming. Until this year. I can’t even remember what day it was, but a week and a half ago, Tyler (one […]

Baby’s first cold

baby's first cold - Kohler Created

Well, it finally happened. Despite my constant disinfecting, supplementing, hovering, and attempts to ward off potential illnesses with extra sleep and no life, our Beeb caught her first cold late last week. Getting ready for a walk around the neighborhood… I can say now with confidence, there is nothing more worrisome than having a sick […]

Happy New Year

Kaitlan - Kohler Created

My mind can not wrap around how different life is from this day last year. It was a year ago yesterday that we found out we were pregnant with Kaitlan. Pregnancy is a long process, but when you think about the fact that we’re here a year later with a complete and thriving little person. […]

Focusing on progress not perfection

#ProgresstoSeiko - Kohler Created

I haven’t even begun to think about New Year’s. I feel like I barely eeked through the holidays this year. In this season of the year, and my life in general, I’m finding it all too easy to be hard on myself for not measuring up to my “old self.” It feels like I’m barely […]

What do I need for breastfeeding and pumping? (Part 1)

Breastfeeding supplies - Kohler Created

  Getting started in breastfeeding and pumping. Yes, I intentionally tried to make that sound like an old-school textbook. I’m by no means turning into a mommy blogger, but as a new parent, I have received so much help and great information that I feel the need to pay it forward somehow. Because I have […]