Four Weeks Postpartum

4 weeks postpartum - Kohler Created

Please Note: Currently 8 weeks postpartum. I am woefully behind on these. Bear with me as I catch up! I can’t believe we are at four weeks postpartum already! I’d always heard parents lament about time moving way too fast, but they were right, it really does. And things really do change fast. Four weeks […]

Breastfeeding with a busy active lifestyle: 7 weeks

Breastfeeding with a busy active lifestyle - Kohler Created

I’ve received requests for various topics in the postpartum realm, and a popular one has been breastfeeding with a busy active lifestyle that includes working full-time, running and consulting on several businesses and trying to fit in CrossFit training for myself. At 7 weeks, I am definitely not an expert, but I wanted to update you […]

Back to work

back to work - Kohler Created

I have a 4 week postpartum update sitting in my blog drafts that is just missing pictures. I’m terrible. She’s 6 weeks old, halfway to 7 weeks, which is close to 8 and that’s pretty much two months. Haha, fail. In the meantime, I went back to work yesterday. People don’t seem to know how […]

What I’m reading/watching during maternity leave

What I'm watching/reading on maternity leave - Kohler Created

So I’ve spent the majority of my first four weeks of maternity leave on the couch. It’s impossible not to. Breastfeeding is time consuming, and when they hit those first two growth spurts — somewhere around 10 days and again at 3 weeks, you are literally attached to your kid by the boobs every 45 […]

Two Weeks Postpartum

2 weeks postpartum - Kohler Created

Disclaimer: For some, writing openly about nutrition, diet, weight loss and a return to fitness postpartum is controversial. If you find this post triggering or off-putting, feel free to pass these posts by when they appear. Everyone’s journey is different in unique, and while I definitely don’t intend to make anyone feel bad or question […]

Kaitlan’s Birth Story (My Hypnobabies Birth)

Kaitlan's Hypnobabies Birth story - Kohler Created

I’ve read dozens of birth stories on blogs over the years and always wondered what mine would be, given the opportunity to become pregnant and deliver a child. I typed the whole thing out to my aunt and was surprised how short it was despite how long it was in duration. Maybe I’m just concise, […]

Our Kaitlan Marie

Kaitlan Marie

We are excited to announce that Kaitlan Marie joined our little zoo of a family on Sunday, August 17. She was 6 pounds 3.9 ounces and 18 inches long, with a head of soft blonde hair. She’s eating like a champ (cluster feeding is no joke!) and is growing a nice double chin and soft arms I […]

29 weeks pregnant: a crazy week

29 weeks pregnant - Kohler Created

Pregnancy week 29 was definitely a wild ride. Neil had a race, was also on-call throughout the week, and I got hired on in a new department in my job. Yes, we’re apparently crazy. With my new appointment, I’m excited about the opportunity to work on some special curriculum projects and new course developments for […]

Beauty Product Minimalist

Burt's Bees Brightening Line - Women's Health Action Hero - Kohler Created

I’m admittedly a little dense when it comes to beauty products. I’ve always been a bit of a tomboy, and I didn’t start wearing make-up until I was nearly in high school. By the time I started, my family had just moved, and I was too shy and embarrassed to ask my friends for help. Not […]

How do I say this…


I have been toiling over this post for a few weeks now. I’m not clever. I’m not cute. I don’t have anecdotes and although life hasn’t really been that different, it has been in one major way… Yes, true to the sense of humor of these of two IT professionals, I felt this was the […]