1 year ago

1 year old beeb - Kohler Created

Kaitlan is just about a year old! 1 year ago today I had my first contraction. I was walking back to work after having lunch with Neil downtown. I’m not sappy about it or anything, but I’ll probably be reliving it a bit throughout the weekend. Some days I feel like it was eons ago, […]

The Method to Balance


It doesn’t need to be said that new parenthood is a huge adjustment to life for new parents. For us, there was a huge adjustment period of not only caring for a newborn, a full-time job at it’s easiest, but somehow trying to make all the pieces of our old life fit together in a […]

Charlie the Catalyst


Hey guys, I wanted to give a little shout out to Charlie Racinowski. You may remember, he was my nutritionist during pregnancy, and he is currently competing for the shot at being named 1st Phorm’s Top Trainer in America. I’ve been meaning to write him a public testimonial for a long time, so I’m excited […]

Talking Podcast Shop

My Top 15 Podcasts - Kohler Created

Last night I dreamed that I had a podcast. I had just finished up an episode of Leg Day — a new podcast with Kevin Ogar and Nathan Morris before going to bed. They had Nate on their latest episode, which means I’m one Kevin Bacon degree from being famous. I kid. Anyhow, In my dream I talked shop […]

2015 CrossFit Central Regionals

2015 CrossFit Games Central Regionals - Kohler Created

I had an awesome weekend at the CrossFit Central Regionals in Minneapolis. I got a little bit of everything — plenty of CrossFit, time with family and friends, and some good relaxation — even a little working out. It’s amazing how fast a weekend can go! I didn’t take a whole lot of pictures. I […]

Goodbye for now

Nate Bacott

No not me, I’m not going anywhere. However, today I say “see ya later” to my coach and one of my closest friends, Nate. You might remember I wrote a little training update a few weeks ago about my barbell now living at home and things were feeling really convoluted. I wrote that soon after he accepted […]


Weaning - Kohler Created

So as I alluded to in a recent post, we’ve been weaning. It’s certainly not what I thought we’d be doing at 8 months, but as I’ve learned with most everything in parenthood, you can only go with your gut and best intentions. How did we end up here? I still don’t know exactly. Supply […]

Flying Solo

Solo Weekend - Kohler Created

This was my first official weekend flying solo with Beeb. To date, neither of us have ventured out for more than a few hours without the other and the baby in tow, and frankly, we haven’t done much of that either. We also haven’t hired a babysitter or had a date night since November. New […]

Mommy Thumb

De Quervain’s tendonitis "mommy thumb" - Kohler Created

So apparently that’s a thing. After waiting months to feel 100% again after spraining my wrist back in November, I decided to make a follow-up visit to the doctor. While I haven’t been in crippling pain, and every other part of my hand and wrist feel fine again, the tendons around the base of my […]

A little training update

training update - kohler created

Can I even call what I do training anymore? I always emphasize to athletes at the box that they need to constantly evaluate their training and goals, and document their development wherever possible. I’m obviously terrible at taking my own advice, because I haven’t done that in months. But since I’m coming out of what […]