New stuff hype

Lots of updates going on around here lately! It’s kind of exciting because our house and living set up were largely the same until we had Kaitlan. We really didn’t hurry to change things up, because it was just the two of us. But with Kaitlan came basically a new needs and different lifestyle and […]

#RallyforRhyan Weekend

Gosh guys, thanks for bearing with us last week. It was an insane week of Neil prepping for his final race of the season, Nate stopping through on his way to a wedding and the above, an awesome fundraiser for a little girl in our community who was just diagnosed with a pretty rare and […]

Catch-up Weekend

I’m tempted to call the past two weeks “the lost weeks.” Between the storm damage and then getting the worst cold I’ve had in two years, it’s caused almost complete standstill life. State Farm ended up denying our appeals, so we’re paying for our roof damage out-of-pocket and switching companies. At this point I wish I could […]

Our new normal

I started writing this post 24 hours after, but the mere fact that it’s now the weekend should tell you what kind of week it’s been. It’s been really tough. On Monday night/Tuesday morning, I woke up as Neil was dragging me down the hall toward the basement. The house was shaking and debris was […]

House project baby steps

Huge working weekend for us last weekend preparing the house for baby, alternatively titled “stuff we should have done much sooner.” And while we didn’t get it all done, we definitely covered a lot of ground. After coaching my favorite 8 AM Free CrossFit class on Saturday morning and a breakfast of egg burritos, we […]

Scenes from the Weekend: CrossFit and Spring Cleaning

Crazy busy weekend over here! We completed some major TLC spring cleaning on the closets, creating three full bags for Goodwill. We also started the process of painting all the things we’ve been meaning to paint for 3 years. We did manage to have some fun though, so here’s a little montage of everything. I […]

The End of an Era

Well that sounds kind of foreboding doesn’t it? It’s actually a good thing! As of yesterday, all of the ’80s kitchen appliances are GONE! Before: Now: As expected, the old Jenn-Air didn’t go down without a fight. The gas line was placed right up next to the wall making getting a pipe wrench on it […]

Finishing the Job

Our pictures from the holiday weekend are going to be all sorts of out-of-order, but I know if I don’t post until I have them all I never will. A big part of the weekend was working on the closet — the scene of our recent washer/dryer replacement. Neil and Adam knocked out a portion […]

Make the Old New Again

It’s been over a week since HOA, and I’m just now realizing how much has gone on that I haven’t talked about — especially around the house. So let’s get caught up. First, we have a new washer and dryer! We bought it during the Labor Day sales at Best Buy and had it delivered […]

Life is Expensive

So, we definitely had an expensive weekend — some of it stuff we were excited to spend money on and some of it not so much. We had decided prior to this weekend that we were going to take advantage of the Labor Day sales and finally start the process of replacing our current washer […]