Week 1: Whole30/Nutrition Challenge

Whole30/Nutrition Challenge: Week 1 - Kohler Created

Well — it didn’t go as I hoped, but I’ve managed to do okay, mostly thanks to Neil’s cooking. We kind of went into this week on the fly because we are finally fixing the storm damage to our ceiling and as a result didn’t get a lot of planning/prep in. Additionally Kaitlan and I […]

Preparing for your Whole30/Nutrition Challenge


Hey everyone! So last week I wrote about our Whole30 Challenge coming up at the gym, and I wanted to give you a little bit of an update! After writing my post, I talked to a few more members and they were in kind of a similar “life” place that I was with Whole30. They […]

The 2015 Kind-of Whole30

2015 Kind-of Whole30 - Kohler Created

Above: Paleo Beef and Winter Veggie Stew Is there such a thing as a diet challenge cop out? Every year, CrossFit Fringe undertakes the Whole30 Challenge. I help orchestrate, so of course it seems only fitting that I too step up to the plate — literally. (Here are a few of our adventures in Whole30 from […]

Cast iron procrastinators

Cast Iron Pizza Crust Recipe - Kohler Created

We survived the holidays! By the time they end every year, I am just so ready to resume routine. Even though I was a little sad to take down our tree and say goodbye to our baby’s first Christmas, I am so happy things are back to normal! Our New Year’s was expectedly low-key. We […]


Burritos - Kohler Created

Look, it’s baby’s first Christmas tree! We were only one string of lights short, which Neil was running out to grab when this picture was taken. Despite the fact that she’s looking the other way, she LOVES looking at the tree. I hate that it’s always Wednesday or Thursday before I clear my plate enough […]

Friday Link-up and Loving Lately

Pho - Kohler Created

Fact: The weeks go by SUPER quickly when you are going to bed with your kid before 9pm. I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing, but when you are getting at least 6 hours a night, I’m going to call win for the time being — even if it feels like you’re […]

Old School Blogging

Food prep - Kohler Created

I thought I’d just do some old-school rambling. You know, blogging just for the sake of sharing thoughts and feelings — totally unsponsored and unaffiliated. There’s not enough of that going on anymore. My baby is 12 weeks old. Let that sink in for a minute. Wasn’t she just born yesterday!? She keeps hitting all […]

Easy recipes for garden peppers

Easy Recipes for Garden Peppers - Kohler Created

Confession: I don’t have a green thumb. We have kind of a running schtick with both mine and Neil’s parents. They grow the food, we preserve and use the food. I just lack patience and commitment needed to have a successful garden. I do however love to dork out in the kitchen, and love trying […]

Catch-up Weekend

Baby Room - Plummage

I’m tempted to call the past two weeks “the lost weeks.” Between the storm damage and then getting the worst cold I’ve had in two years, it’s caused almost complete standstill life. State Farm ended up denying our appeals, so we’re paying for our roof damage out-of-pocket and switching companies. At this point I wish I could […]

LUNA Protein Bar Review & Taste Trial

Luna Protein Bar Review

I’ll be honest, I am a little behind on the latest and greatest energy/protein bar market. I typically always eat food within 30 minutes of workouts and tote my own food if travel. At most I’ve bought a few Lara bars for some road trips. It’s just the reality of being on a mostly Paleo […]