Meal Planning (8/23-8/29)


Lightning fast weekend! I made a short trip down to Branson to celebrate Becca’s birthday at the lake and was home by 1pm on Sunday. I laid in the sun, finished a book and a stack of magazines and finally saw Pitch Perfect the whole way through. The theme of this weekend is RIBS — […]

Meal Planning (8/9-8/15)

Banana Bread - Kohler Created

It’s Tuesday! I meant to get a post out for the weekend on Friday, but things just got too busy with work and finishing up August courses, and I wanted to get enough done that I didn’t have to worry about anything on the weekend. Success, though I love getting more posts out, so boo. […]

Meal Planning (8/2-8/8)

Kaitlan's lunch box - Kohler Created

I feel like the theme of the weekend (and now carrying into this week) is Mexican. We had Mexican after our freelance kick-off meeting on Saturday, and now we have kind of a deconstructed Mexican casserole vibe going on for the first few days of the week. We’ve made it before, it’s pretty awesome, and […]

Meal Planning (7/26-8/1)


We’re back from vacation! Still playing a little bit of catch-up, but definitely not as much as I thought we would be, so that’s a relief. Vacation food-wise was good. Since we opted to cabin-camp rather than tent camp, we were actually able to store/prep most of our meals, saving us quite a bit of […]

Meal Planning (7/12-7/18)

egg sandwich - kohlercreated

There’s nothing I like less than a hot kitchen when it’s hot outside. We’ve enjoyed a mild (albeit wet) summer up until this week, and now the heat is literally on — awesome timing given my goal to do more food prep ahead of time. Sunday we had a hodge-podge of cold salads, chicken burritos, […]

Meal Planning (7/5-7/11)


Sorry, a bit delayed as always. Our work weeks always start pretty busy, but I’m happy to stay we started out great. We prepped fruit, breakfasts and a great dinner that will get us through Wednesday, and then will throw another crockpot meal together to finish off the week. Our first meal of the week […]

Weekend Splash

Baby swim lessons - Kohler Created

Kaitlan completed her first swim lessons session over the weekend! She got a little grade card and everything. While she isn’t a fish quite yet, I think she would have easily been voted “most calm in the water.” She’s the picture of aquatic tranquility. The little girl next to her was in love with the water, […]

Meal Planning (6/21-6/27)

Meal Prep with a Baby

Hi all — I skipped last week’s meal plan to kind of do a little housecleaning in the kitchen and with our prep routine. It’s a work in progress. Maybe it’s my profession, but I’m always in the process of evaluating and re-evaluating the way we do things to make sure it still works and […]

Meal Planning (6/7-6/13)

Meal Planning - Kohler Created

Woops! We kind of fell off the meal planning wagon last week. Between returning from Regionals late Sunday night, Neil being on call all week, going live with a client site and getting ready for Neil’s next race this weekend, things got a little crazy. We got back into the groove and did our normal Sunday […]

Meal Planning (5/24-5/30)

Baby-led Weaning - Kohler Created

Farmer’s Market this weekend. It’s CrossFit Regionals week for Central Region! As you may remember, Neil and I each picked a weekend activity to do solo. His was a float trip and mine is to attend the Central CrossFit Regional in Minneapolis this weekend. It’s my first time leaving Neil and the Beeb! This weekend […]