Meal Planning (4/19-4/25)

Meal Planning - Kohler Created

I feel like a broken record, but time is really flying this month. As I was typing in the date range for this meal planning post, I can’t help but think that Beeb will soon have been on the “outside” as long as she was on the “inside” — is that weird? I’m weird. And again, […]

Meal Planning (4/12-4/18)

Meal Planning - Kohler Created

The week after a race weekend was always a scramble pre-kid (although now I’m looking back and laughing) but they are even more so now with Kaitlan here. The mountains of laundry, the house that didn’t get cleaned over the weekend, and of course the meals that didn’t get prepped. Thankfully, chicken was on sale […]

Meal Planning (4/5-4/11)

Warm Salad - Kohler Created

Ack, Wednesday. It’s been a really busy week, but Neil’s first race is this weekend. Our normal preparations have been complicated by the onslaught of “April showers” that have made getting the trailer out of storage and other things around the house impossible. Our lake, I mean yard, is so saturated that the dogs refuse […]

Meal Planning (3/30-4/3)


Does anyone else get excited when a week crosses over into a new month? Just me? I can’t believe it’s April. The weather was winter-ish last week, and this week absolutely gorgeous. Last night we took a twilight walk with Kaitlan and the pups and I kept saying to Neil, “can we do this every […]

Meal Planning (3/22-3/28)


I know, it’s already Wednesday and I’m just now publishing what we are eating this week. Ah well, had to get the Jerk Chicken recipe out first right? Neil did the meal planning and grocery list this week so we are having a little mix of everything. As you might have seen, we are starting the […]

Jamaican Jerk Chicken

Jamaican Jerk Chicken - Kohler Created

Changing it up this week and starting out with a recipe for Jamaican Jerk Chicken that we made over the weekend. My best friend Patrick sent us the recipe mid-week last week and when Friday rolled around we collected all the ingredients and prepared it for our first meal of this week. As I mentioned […]

Meal Planning (2/15-3/21)

meal planning - Kohler Created

Sorry, I literally dumped everything out on the counter when I got home, and the picture became kind of the afterthought. Very lazy blogger. I tackled grocery shopping with Kaitlan solo this week! Okay, that’s not a supreme accomplishment, she LOVES the grocery store. So much to see and look at, and of course, she grabs […]

Meal Planning (3/8-3/14)

Meal Planning - Kohler Created

Another week, and somehow we are already halfway through March! It’s blowing my mind that Kaitlan will be 7 months old in a week. Her sixth month just flew by and I have a feeling 7 months will be no different. Sometimes I want her to slow down, but each week gets more exciting! This […]

Meal Planning (3/1 – 3/7)


Last week’s meals went a long way, Orange chicken went a day longer than we thought, and tacos went a day longer than we thought. Definitely not complaining, it was nice not having to worry about meals at the end of the week. It does mean however that our pizza night will get moved to sometime […]

Meal Planning (2/22 – 2/28)

Pork Steaks in the Cast iron pan - Kohler Created

Our grilled “TBD” meal from Friday — hot wings! Our first week attempting to return to more diligent meal planning went great! We didn’t get a chance to try the interesting technique we found for spaghetti squash and meatballs because we ended up taking a rest day from the gym and just doing it all […]