Track day at Mid America Motorplex – Pacific Junction, IA

As Jessica mentioned on Friday, that afternoon we loaded up the trailer and Jeep and headed to Omaha, NE. For what? A track day of course! At about 5 1/2 hours drive time, this was the furthest we have traveled to do a track day. We also took the dogs, which always makes a trip […]

Random Thursday

This week has been killer. If there was any question, the holidays are DEFINITELY over, and it’s back to work big time for both of us. I woke up yesterday thinking it was Thursday! Anyhow, here are some of the random things going on around here… Our old ’80s humidifier finally kicked the bucket this […]

Random Thursday

This week, behind the scenes, I’ve been working on a series of posts about our first year of being mostly Paleo and doing CrossFit. I deluded myself into thinking I could be one of those bloggers who can churn out posts daily effortlessly, and that I would have them finished and posted in less than […]


Happy Friday! It’s a cold and rainy morning here, and everyone seems to be cuddled up wherever they can find a warm spot, even if it means sleeping with the enemy. I think we’ve finally got our yucky colds beat, and luckily, right in time for the weekend! Tomorrow morning we’re off to Kansas City […]

Putting out fires…

Ever have one of those weeks (or several) where you literally can’t step away from your desk for a minute without a fire starting? That describes the last few for me. Lots of big projects winding down while new projects are sliding in and ramping up. Hopefully the silver lining is near, I have so […]

Clive’s done it again

So I still owe you a race recap. I had hoped to finish and publish it last night, but we had a little emergency with Clive. Neil was making dinner (Fajita bowls – amazing, will share) and lost grip on an avocado pit and it fell on the floor, where of course Clive proceeded to […]

Flight of the weekend

I can’t believe it’s already Tuesday! This weekend went by so fast. We made a quick trip down to Springfield for a friend’s birthday party. Of course, our trips have to start with a treat, and Cashew Inn Cashew Out is our favorite. Everyone has their favorite Cashew Chicken recipe, but theirs is the best. […]

Trying to Roll with the Weekend

This weekend was, in our best intentions, an attempt to “come down” after last weekend. A half-marathon + Murph + holiday weekend left us in dire need for a weekend with absolutely no plans and no structure. And we sort of got that. We started Friday with an awesome Fight Gone Bad-style workout. We love […]

The (not-so-MEGA) Float

This float has been on the books since January. We’ve been so excited to squeeze a canoe trip into our schedule that we literally started pulling out all our gear nearly a week in advance. Originally, tons of people were invited and the goal was to achieve a “mega” turnout and therefore have a mega-float. […]

Weekend Recap: Easter Edition

Another blur of a weekend. So much done, so little done, so much fun, but yet a lot of work. Sound about right? Our Friday started with some computer games. We’re trying to hold onto our “gaming Fridays,” but it’s definitely getting more difficult now that the weather is nicer and more activities are starting […]